Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 127

Volume 2 Chapter 127 127: Commence

A few drop of sweat streamed down from Lillie's pale cheeks. Ethan, who reluctantly stuck to her plan, pretend to leave to fetch her a glass of water.

On a lone table, Yang Hui twirled her champagne glass in boredom. The hawk-like eyes that observed Lillie and Ethan glinted when she saw Ethan stood up to leave.

Her eyes did not escaped Lillie's fl.u.s.tered face.

It seems the drug was working.

Yang Hui stood up and, once again, approached Lillie.

"Oh my, Thea, you don't look well." She said in feigned concern.

Hearing her nickname 'Thea' being spoken by someone like her irked Lillie greatly.

"I might've had too much champagne." Lillie replied with a weak tone as she massaged her 'aching' her.

Yang Hui hid her malicious smirk with a frown. "That's not good. How about you rest first?"

Then, as if she realized something, she exclaimed, "Oh! That reminds me, I actually have a room booked. I was planning on having a me-day and enjoy Bai Chteau's splendor. But it seems you need it more than me."

Lillie waved her hand in refusal . "No, no, I'm fine. I know how much money one room cost here, it'll only be a waste if it weren't you who uses it."

Damn right it'll be a waste! But since I'm such a 'good' person, I'll lend it to you! There's also a bonus waiting!

"I insist. Here's the card." Yang Hui took a silver card from her purse and forced it on Lillie's hand. "It's on the 25th floor, room 207."

A fake worried expression appeared on Lillie's face and said, "I should call Ethan first. It'll worry him if I"

"I'll tell him." Yang Hui immediately said, cutting her in mid-sentence.

She cleared her throat and reconstructed her words. "You should prioritize yourself first. Don't worry about Ethan, I'll tell him where you are as soon as he gets back."

Seeing that there's no use of rejecting her, Lillie nodded. "Then, I won't be polite. Thank you, Yang Hui."

"You're very welcome, Thea." She sweetly replied.

When Lillie's back faced her, Yang Hui could not contain the look of triumph and malice in her face.

Lillie, now out of her 'weak' facade as soon as the doors of the party hall closed behind her, rode the elevator and pressed the 25th floor.

As she drew closer to room 207, she saw three men by the door.

The three bowed their heads and greeted in unison, "Miss Bai."

"Is he inside?"

"Yes, miss. Also, the housekeepers who were appointed to this room notified us that he had an aphrodisiac in his hold." One of them informed.

"Very good. Stand by for the mean time, I'll go in."

"Yes, miss." They obliged.

It's not like they're not worried, it's just that their young miss had the tendency of dominating her opponent's own game by herself, turning it completely in her favor.

Lillie inserted the card and entered the dim lighted room. Walking further inside the bedroom, her nose picked up the scent of a familiar incense.

"Strange." She muttered.

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