Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 128

Volume 2 Chapter 128 128: Terrible Acting

With her mood lifted up to the heaven, Yang Hui truly began to enjoy the party. Her former classmates were surprised, and a bit alarmed, as Yang Hui took the initiative to talk and enjoy party with them.

"My boyfriend booked a room for me here as a surprise gift." She gloated. "It was convenient for me that the party took place here."

"You're really lucky, Yang Hui. Your boyfriend must be loaded!"

"He's actually a manager from WPE." She said.

"That's amazing! I wish I had a girlfriend who works at WPE so that I have a reason to come there and maybe catch a glimpse at CEO Bai if I'm lucky enough."

Now that the guy mentioned it, Yang Hui never thought of entering WPE.

It was quite the sensitive topic, especially when it comes to WPE's mysterious CEO.

Even when Yang Hui begged her boyfriend to reveal her identity, he gave her a flat no.

The reason?


"How about you guys come see the room after the party? The room is very big for all of us." She offered with smile.

This was an unusual behavior from the stuck-up princess they used to know.

Hmm...maybe people do change when they get older....is what they would think.

But this is Yang Hui.

And kindness does not exist in her dictionary.

Nonetheless, they couldn't refuse such rare offer. Especially when it comes to the most extravagant and expensive hotel in the planet.

The discussion went on until Ethan entered Yang Hui's line of sight.

She saw Ethan strode through the parted crowd with the usual noble air surrounding him.

Yang Hui excused herself from the circle.

Now that the hurdle was out of the picture, Yang Hui boldly walked towards him. Her wide h.i.p.s swung with every step.

Yang Hui wrapped her arm around his bicep.

"Hello, Ethan~" Her eerily seductive voice entered his ear with an uncomfortable vibration.

Ethan roughly pulled himself away from her, completely disregarding the proper manner a man should act towards a woman.

Yang Hui was surprised from his roughness. A hurt expression wiped her triumphant smile but was quickly replaced by a pout.

"Why are you so mean~?" Her hands shamelessly placed themselves on his chest, with fingers playfully tracing it.

"Don't resist it, Ethan. I know you want me."

"Get out of my way." He glowered, harshly swatting her hands off him as if they were disgusting bugs.

Yang Hui flinched from his cold and unforgiving glare.

A dark, menacing aura radiated from his towering figure. Yang Hui was frozen, completely petrified.

Seeing that she was affected by the murderous intent he was emitting, Ethan walked pass her.

Yang Hui clenched her hands harshly that it turned bluish. Her lower lip almost oozed blood because of the pressure from her teeth as she bit it.

Raging eyes turned back to where Ethan went before following after him.

She saw him come back to the table he and Lillie shared, only to find it empty.

Yang Hui composed herself and put on a worried facade. "Oh, are you looking for Thea?"

Ethan grunted as he gave her a side glance. "Where is she." He demands.

An innocent look spread across her face. "Hmm...I saw her going up the elevator when I went to the washroom. She looks really fl.u.s.tered too. Maybe she had too much champagne." She shrugged.

"Do you know which floor?" He asked. The hotel's elevator indicates which floor the elevator was at. This was a good alibi that could save Yang Hui from questions later on.

Not that it matters, really.

When Ethan knew that his wife slept with another, no matter how much he treasures her, his pride will always force him to relinquish her.

Knowing Ethan, he would not keep a dirty woman.

Besides, no man wanted to wear a green hat [1].

"I think it was...the 25th floor?" She answered with an unsure tone.

Ethan wanted to scoff at her terrible acting.

Like, who would wait to see where the elevator would stop if you're not using it?

Either you're a very curious person, or had ulterior motives.

And Yang Hui was the latter.

"You wouldn't happen to know which room she's at, would you?"

Yang Hui's eyes widen. "W-what are you talking about? Of course I wouldn't." She denied.

Humph! As if he believes her.

Just based on how she quickly denies the accusation and her reaction, it's clear that she's suspicious.

Ethan scoffed and walked away.

Leaving a very confused and frustrated Yang Hui.

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