Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 129

Volume 2 Chapter 129 129: Mightve Mistaken Me From You

Yang Hui initiated her plan.

She invited some of the students who are very influential.

She did not forget to invite the PR manager, with an excuse of wanting him to rate Bai Chteau's room.

If the PR manager caught such explicit scoop, not only does she expose Lillie in a scandal, Yang Hui will be the victim and catch society's pity, thus escalating her reputation.

When Yang Hui and her crowd entered her hotel room, an uncomfortable sound greeted them immediately.

They heard a woman m.o.a.ning loudly and a man groaning in pleasure.

The crowd's face suddenly turned red, and the look of disgust painted their expressions.

"What in the world? Yang Hui, this is your room, right?"

"Obviously! She just swiped her card and the door opened!"


Yang Hui let the curious crowd peered inside. They all gasped in surprise.

A devious smirk landed on Yang Hui's lips at their reaction.

"Y-Yang Hui, isn't that your friend?!"

Her smirk dropped

"What?!" She exclaimed, not truly understanding what they meant.

"Yeah, wasn't she the woman you're always with?"

Yang Hui pushed herself in to look at what they were pertaining.

And as what they had described, the woman on the bed with her 'lover' was not Theodora, but her insignificant underling.

"Y-you!" Yang Hui's voice trembled in anger.

How?! How is it not Theodora?! What the hell happened?!

"Y-you sl*t!" To hide her real agenda, Yang Hui pretended to be the victim. She pulled the woman off and slapped her multiple times.

Yang Hui's underling screamed in pain, not having an idea why she was being slapped.

"You dogs! How could you do this to me!" She screamed and also slapped her lover.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The woman cried as she was being ruthlessly slapped black and blue by Yang Hui.

Seeing that the woman had her lesson, the female crowd stopped Yang Hui from inflicting anymore bruise on her 'friend'.

Yang Hui panted from exhaustion, her palm stung and red, but it did not sate her wrath.

"Why is everyone here?"

The voice Yang Hui wanted to hear from the beginning spoke behind them.

Lillie stood by the door with a raised brow. Beside her was Ethan, looking at the scene with discerning eyes.

"Y-you..." Yang Hui's eyes widen in disbelief.

Lillie was there, perfectly fine. Her skin was back to its rich, pearly color. The sickly pale from before was now undetected.

"I was about to come down to find you after taking some medicine for my headache." Of course Lillie twisted her words.

Impossible! There is no cure that could counter that drug's effects!

"Why are you here?" Yang Hui blurted out suddenly. Causing suspicion to brew in the crowds' minds.

"I failed to mention to you that Ethan and I had a room here." She said. "That's why I was refusing your hotel room's card."


Why would Yang Hui give Theodora a card to this room? Especially when her lover was inside....

Suspicious mutters began.

"B-but you" accepted it, is what Yang Hui wanted to say when she was cut off.

"It's really a good thing I did not came here. Your boyfriend might've mistaken me from you...like her." Lillie coldly replied as she lowered her gaze at the trembling woman, wearing nothing but a white bedsheet.

Unfortunately for Yang Hui, she cannot counter it nor can she escape the suspicions.

It was truly unfortunate of Yang Hui that she thought she could fool former students of SEU.

"The party's over. Everyone is waiting in front of the hotel's main conference hall." Lillie nonchalantly said, not even a bit bothered by the commotion.

The two dominating couple left without further notice. The heavy atmosphere created by the Yang Hui and the scandalous couple disintegrated.

The crowd gave Yang Hui a look of suspicion before following Lillie and Ethan out, leaving Yang Hui to solve her own problems.


Author's Note (It's here because it's pretty long)

Hey guys, I know it's been a week since I last updated.

And that connects to this unfortunate news.

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but....

I can no longer update....

On weekdays. I can only update on weekends.

School has been a b*tch to my life and a torture to my brain. I cannot think properly when there's always stuffs I had to do.

I haven't had any free time even in weekends. I always do projects, assignments, reports and our RESEARCH/THESIS.

I already gave you guys a heads up on my expectations when I'm Gr12. And it's really hard.

And it's just 2 weeks and I'm already ready to give up!

I hope you guys understand my predicament. I was also considering discontinuing this book all together but I felt really bad for those who read it.

I'm really sorry, especially to my loyal and patient readers.

Also, I've been pretty down lately coz it'll be my 18th birthday soon and I had no time nor money to celebrate it.

I'll just have to go down in eating out with the fam (like what happens in my 'normal' bdays)

This girl just wanted to feel special on her 18th birthday, alright? Unfortunate, that cannot be accommodated.

Sorry for my rumblings. I'll stop now...

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