Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 130

Volume 2 Chapter 130 130: Unforeseen Enemies

Since there are four elevators in a single floor, the others went to another instead on sharing one with Lillie and Ethan.

Their lungs would probably be too scared to breathe.

Lillie's hand was being held by Ethan when she stopped. "You go back first."

Ethan turn around, a frown marring his face. "Is something wrong?"

"There's more I need to finish first." She replied, her eyes directing to the place they came from.

Ethan sighed. "If you're not with me after ten minutes, I'll go find you."

Lillie nodded in agreement before placing a tender peck on his lips before slipping her hand off his gentle grasp. Ethan's eyes were filled with concern.

His sight of her was cut off when she turned around the corner of the corridor.


When Yang Hui was left with the two scandalous couple, she screamed, "What the f*ck happened?!"

Yang Hui harshly pulled her underling's hair, "Why are you here and not that woman?!"

The woman screamed in pain as she tried to answer between her sobs, "I-I don't k-know! I-I was just c-coming out o-of the restroom w-when someone g-grab me f-from behind and knocked me out!" She explained.

"The n-next thing I know I-I was b-being...being..." She couldn't finished her sentence as she cried.

She regretted helping Yang Hui, She regretted being her underling!

She was supposed to be married by the man she loved soon.

She may seem like the typical mean girl who goes out sleeping with hot guys but, she has beliefs so she saved herself for her husband on their wedding night.

But now, it's all ruined because of Yang Hui!

She felt dirty.

She can never face him, his family and hers ever again.

Yang Hui let out an exasperate scoff. "You two better fix this or else!" She swung her back at them and left.

Yang Hui's lover was finally sober after he was slapped. He looked around the room in confusion before groaning in pain, "Urgh, my head hurts."

The woman's eyes turned red in anger.

Your head hurts? What about me?!

My body and dignity hurts! My life is destroyed!

The man looked at the trembling, n.a.k.e.d woman beside him. "You? What are you doing here?" He knew her because of Yang Hui.

The woman glared at him fiercely. "Bastard! I will kill you!" She screeched, grabbing the lamp shade and swung it at him with an intent to kill.

The man dodged it by a hair and scrambled on his feet to back away from the crazy woman.

"What the f*ck is wrong with you?!" He shouted and forced the lamp off her hands and pushed her on the ground.

"Crazy b*tch! Why are you trying to kill me?!" His eyes turned red in fury and slapped her. The woman collapsed on the ground, unconscious. She was physically and mentally exhausted.

"The f*ck is happening? I though Hui was suppose to send me a babe..." He muttered to himself.

He took his clothes and wore it back on and grabbed his phone to call Yang Hui.

He clicked his tongue when it was unattended.


The room's doorbell rang. He turned off his lighter and took a whiff of his cigarette.

It was prohibited, but why should he care? He's one of WPE's manager.

It's not like Lillie Bai herself would show up and scold him...

*riinnng riiinggg!*

"I'm coming! Geez, people these days are so impatient." He grumbled, biting the butt of his cigarette.

"What is it"

*cough cough!* "C-C-CEO B-Bai!"

His body stiffened automatically.

Lillie frowned when smoke touched her face.

The man did not mind the quality nor the cost of his shirt as he tried to stopped the cigarette from burning.

Lillie Bai implemented a strict rule in every establishment the Bai family owned, and that is

No Smoking!

Especially in front of her.

She detest secondhand smoke.

"You may call me Theodora." Lillie stoically said. "Yang Hui 'offered' me this room."

The man felt his world shook, his knees trembled in fear and cursed Yang Hui up to her eleventh generation!

The woman she wanted him to violate was his own boss, Lillie Bai!

No wonder Theodora Crevier sounds quite familiar! Crevier was her mother's maiden name!

And in all Country K, there's only one family with the surname Crevier!

How could he be so stupid?!

"I expect you know what to do." It was not a question, but a statement.

He can only swallow his regret and obediently obliged.

"Yes, ma'am."

It was alright if other employees or even higher-ups caught him. His punishment could've been lighter because of his years of hard work with the company.

Now, all of those hard work and sleepless nights had gone down the drain.

It was personally the She-Devil who caught him.

And it's all because of that woman!

Yang Hui, you will pay!

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