Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 131

Volume 2 Chapter 131 131: Lillie Bai Is Here?

As Yang Hui stepped into the hall and immediately felt the animosity everyone held in their eyes as mutters resounded the hall.

The crowd she gathered to her room had already spread what happened. It was now up to them how she will be judge.

And everyone had the same thing in mind.

A scheming b*tch.

Yang Hui was not afraid of them. She harrumphed, her chin raised arrogantly as if she did nothing wrong.

Her attitude was shifting back to its original standing.

Gone was the fake kindness now that she's exposed.

"Yang Hui's luck finally ran out."

"It's not luck. Miss Theodora is simply unbeatable."

"I wonder what will happen to her now. It's clear Ethan would not let her go unscathed."

"Humph! She deserves it. Who told her to act as if she's the Queen?"

Their whispers is no longer called as such if the topic of discussion can hear them, right?

Yang Hui glared at ones closer to her and said, "Say another word and your companies are going down!"

They quickly shut up. But their eyes still held repugnance.

The chattering continue, but their topic changed.

"Why aren't they opening the doors yet?"

Theodora lead them in front in front of the main conference hall's doors, but left them to search for the others.

The doors were closed, and there were no staffs around to open it.

Until they saw a janitor coming their way.

"Excuse me, why isn't the conference hall open?" One of the guests asked the janitor.

The janitor stopped his trolley and said, "Are you miss Lillie's guests?"

The guests who heard him were stunned.

Lillie? He wasn't referring to Lillie Bai, wasn't he?

"N-no. But, I believe it was reserved under the name of Theodora Crevier."

The janitor gave them an apologetic look, "I'm sorry, sir, but I believe that's not the room you're suppose to be in."

"What? Why is that? Our school had that hall reserved for a conference." Another former student replied with a frown.

The janitor scratched his head, confused. "I heard that our miss Lillie had the hall reserved for tonight. It seems your schedules matched."

"Your miss Lillie? Surely you aren't talking about CEO Lillie Bai?"

"I am." The janitor nodded in confirmation. "I apologized for the inconvenience. Maybe I could tell the receptionist to offer you another hall?"

"That's...that's fine, I guess. T-thank you." They were surprised to say the least.

Everyone could not believe their luck!

Ethan Li and his company was equally great as Lillie Bai's. However, they tried all even to talk to the man but to no avail.

He's cold as a rock.

If they managed to meet Lillie Bai in person, maybe they could snatch up a position in her company!

They won't let this chance slip!

If these people are surprised, imagine Yang Hui's look of disbelief.

What a small world. Ethan Li and Lillie Bai in one building.

Their paths will surely cross and there will be trouble.

This is perfect!

As revenge for humiliating her, she'll make sure Ethan will cause trouble for Lillie Bai.

Lillie Bai is a headstrong and prideful woman with her own rights, who bows down to no one. She will not let anyone, especially Ethan Li, get in her way.

If Ethan Li is kicked out of the hotel, Theodora will go down with him.

The guests will surely be unsatisfied with her.

"Ah, what a waste. We should be inside the main conference hall and not some side-branches. We're the customers, aren't we suppose to be first?"

Everyone heard Yang Hui's exasperate ramblings. Though they are still cautious towards her, they couldn't help but silently agree.

"Miss Theodora even had the trouble to reserve the main conference hall for us. But we can't do anything about it if it's the CEO herself who wanted to use the room."

"We should be content that we had the chance to enter Bai Chteau."

"Wait, maybe Ethan should talk to CEO Bai."

"Are you crazy?! Those two are not to be placed in one room! Do you know what happened when those two met at Elder Ping's birthday party?"

"You mean when CEO Bai was attacked by Ethan's cousin?"

"That's right. They said that the Ping family were thankful of CEO Bai for exposing Zhang Guan's dark secrets."

"I never heard of that."

"I had some connections with the Elite Society and those who were invited in the party. My source was quite scared to talk, but I had them tell me some details."

"Uh huh. People can't really keep their mouths shut. Especially when it comes to power figures."

"But, if the Ping family were thankful of CEO Bai, why would they let her be attacked by one of their own?"

"Maybe it was Ethan who's behind the attack?"

"Probably. Since the Lis and Pings are relatives...."

And as if on cue, Ethan Li appeared in front of them. Behind him were two hotel staffs.

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