Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 132

Volume 2 Chapter 132 132: Cause A Strain In Their Relationship? Hah

The staffs pushed the door open and Ethan went inside.

"U-um, Mr. Li, you shouldn't go inside."

Ethan stopped, giving the speaker a side-glance.

"CEO Bai had that room reserved. We already asked someone to arrange us another hall instead."

Ethan hummed. "Is that so? Then we are in the right one." Was his response and continue walking in.

The guests were flabbergasted by his appalling actions.

Ethan Li was simply asking for a fight with Lillie Bai.

They had no clue what to do.

Should they follow him?

What if they were kicked out because of him? Then Theodora's hard work will come to waste.

They were slowly seeing Ethan Li in a bad light.

Yang Hui thought that luck was finally on her side again. She really wanted to applaud Ethan's pride.

Even when he's in enemy's territory, he still act arrogant and as if he owns the place.

"Excuse me, dear guests?" A tall, bespectacled woman in an elegant gold and white uniform stopped them.

"I am the hotel's manager. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but you cannot enter this hall." She tipped her head down. "Our CEO had it reserved first. Unfortunately, there seemed to be some technical problems, thus your schedules were synced."

"We are prepared to offer another hall, and of course, a discount for the inconvenience."

It was a good offer. The Bai Chteau does lives up to its name.

Everyone sees no problem with it and were ready to leave when suddenly...

"Just because it's your CEO doesn't mean we're the ones doing the adjustments." Came the haughty shrills of Yang Hui.

Yang Hui's heels clicked as she approached the hotel's manager with a glare. "Do you know who you are dealing with? Not only am I, Yang Hui here, but Ethan Li as well! All of us are your guests and we deserve top-notched service!" She pierced her index finger on the manager's chest.

The polite and calm expression on the manager's face dropped because of Yang Hui's rudeness. And when she heard Ethan's name, the temperature went down in her eyes.

How dare she try to cause a strain with Mr. Li and Miss Bai's relationship!

Do you think I don't see through your pathetic acting?

"Please bare with us, Miss Yang. I'm sure we can"

"Enough! I no longer want to listen to your pathetic excuses. We are using the main hall whether you like it or not!" She turned around, flipping her long black hair on the manager's face, knocking her glasses off.

Though it was Yang Hui who incinerated the problem, it will be Ethan who'll carry it.

In Lillie Bai's eyes, it will only be Ethan Li who caused the trouble.

It didn't matter what the other would think.

What matters is what Lillie Bai would think.

The former students of SEU felt dread in their system as they all cursed furiously at Yang Hui in their minds.

It's all over. Goodbye, luxurious experience.

"What is going on here?"

The guests didn't realized the sound of relief in their sighs when they saw their former Student Council President.

Lillie walked towards the commotion and saw the hotel's manager standing stiffly. Her spectacles lying on the cold ground.

Lillie went on to pick the glasses, and placing it back on her eyes.

"Thank you, miss" When the manager's vision cleared, stunned was an understatement.


"I'm truly sorry for being late. I'll handle everything from here." Lillie quietly said before she could complete her sentence.

"B-but..." The manager stammered in confusion.

Lillie gave her a look before directing her eyes to the crowd. The manager immediately caught on what she was referring and nodded.

Lillie stepped out of the way to let the manager hear the good news.

"Miss Yang was correct, customers should go first. CEO Bai is generous and understanding, I'm sure she would allow this predicament to pass." Everyone heard the news and rejoiced at their luck.

Well, not everyone.

Yang Hui gritted her teeth. "What?! So now you can bend the rules? Why haven't you done that sooner? Is it because I told you Ethan Li was here?"

The manager cleared her throat. "Not at all. Please don't spout nonsense about Mr. Li and CEO Bai's relationship. It's true that they are rivals, but don't be mistaken, they still treat each other well."

"And how would you know that?" Yang Hui challenged.

"You will find out soon in the conference hall. If you would all please proceed inside." She gestured her hand towards the hall's entrance.

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