Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 133 1

Volume 2 Chapter 133 133: Unravel Part 1

The PR manager had the press assemble the conference while the guests find themselves a seat.

Yang Hui sat at the second rowthe press were at the frontwith a scowl of her face as she observed Lillie and Ethan on the stage.

The position shared resemblance of an Emperor sitting on his dragon throne, while his empress sat on the phoenix throne. Below them were the subjects, in this case, the guests.

And Yang Hui belong with the guests.

This scene made Yang Hui's blood boil with envy.

"Camera going live in three...two...one!"

The PR manager stood on the podium with microphones.

He said a few introductions before explaining the purpose of the press conference.

"To answer the society's burning question, we were invited here, at Bai Chteau, by our alma matter's former Student Council President, Theodora Crevier, for a live press conference. I would like to firstly invite CEO Ethan in front to answer the questions of people in Weibo."

The PR manager stepped out of the stage to join the press as Ethan stood up from his seat and up the podium.

"First question: 'Is it true that you are married to the woman behind you?'"

A screen projector showed the live comments flooding their video in Weibo.

"We are still at the stage of being engaged."

Murmurs immediately resounded the hall to make their opinions and thoughts known to their friends.

"Next question. 'Will there be a grand engagement party soon?'"

"Of course. If my fiance doesn't mind?" Ethan turned his head to Lillie, who gave him a nonchalant shrug.

Replies and questions flooded the live video in Weibo, and the press had a hard time searching for a proper question.

"Next question. 'I am a student of SEU and I've heard about your history with Miss Theodora. The two of you used to fight and quarrel a lot, how did your relationship developed from enemies to lovers?'"

This was the question the graduates of SEU sought for an answer.

"Interestingly enough, our relationship began merely as an arranged marriage. At first I had no idea who it was, and had no plan pursuing my family's decisions for me. But, when I found it was Theodora who would be my wife, I agreed immediately."

"Why is that? You used to hate each other." The PR manager asked.

"Technically, it was her who hated me."

Lillie coughed.

"I actually had a crush on her way back in high school." He confessed.

Gasps and awes bounced through the wall. The netizens did not fail to send their heartfelt comments.

Yang Hui had been bottling the wrath and jealousy she felt.

A vicious grin appeared on her lips when suddenly...

A photo was sent on the comment section. The photo showed Ethan, walking hand-in-hand with a woman in a yukata with silvery blonde hair.

The woman's back faced the camera but undoubtedly, Ethan was being intimate with her.

A set of furious comments appeared on the projector.

"Do you have anything to say in this photo, CEO Li?"

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