Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 134 2

Volume 2 Chapter 134 134: Unravel Part 2

Yang Hui felt smug, delighted to see Ethan in a tight spot.

If you did not embarrassed or rejected me, non of this would have happened.

After you, that b*tch would be next. I was originally planning on making her first, unfortunately, that sl*t was hard to find. But still, she cannot escape my eyes for too long.

"It's not a question I will answer." Ethan bluntly said.

Everyone were surprised. It seemed Ethan Li was hiding something.

Well, it was not well-hidden, that's for sure.

The evidence was already in plain sight, in front of his fiance no less! Why isn't willing to answer still?

"Instead, Theodora will answer for you."

Everyone blinked, confused.

Why would Ethan's fiance cover up to a potential mistress?

"That woman in that photo was me." She said.

The viewers did not find that hard to believe. But, what if Ethan forced her to cover up to the silver-haired woman with money to save his reputation?

Well, the people who knew Lillie back in SEU would believe her, knowing her personality. Regardless, the majority did not.

"Question to miss Theodora; 'How should we know that you weren't payed to cover for Ethan Li?'"

"Would an emperor be bought by his minister's money?"

In simple words, why would she, Lillie Bai, be persuaded by money when she practically owns twenty times more than the Elite Society combine?

However, they do not know that.

Nonetheless, the viewers were rendered speechless. They felt that their question was not answered, yet at the same time, answered?

They oddly felt stupid.

The press that read the questions coughed, clearing the awkwardness off his throat.

"The next series of questions would come to the guests, the former students of SEU." He said.

Almost the majority of them raised their hands, and the PR manager was responsible in selecting a few.

The PR manager picked a woman, a former classmate of theirs.

"Miss Theodora, are you somewhat related to Lillie Bai's mother, Agathe Crevier?"

This was a good question. They had been wanting an answer for that as well.

If Theodora was related to Madame Agathe, that would make her Lillie Bai's cousin!

If that's true, then everything, from the hotel to letting her have the main conference hall, is because of her relations with the Bai family.

Lillie thought for a moment before answering a brief "yes."

"Oohh!" Everyone were in awe.

"Me, me! Pick me next!" A man enthusiastically waved his hand, demanding attention.

The PR manager sighed, recognizing the energetic man. "Yes?" He gestured, demurred.

The man was non other than the president of 'Miss Theodora's fanboys' club.

"How did Ethan Li managed to catch miss Theodora's heart?!" The male population wanted to pat or fist bump this brave man for asking the question they wanted to hear all day long.

The {Miss Theodora's fanboys'} club had never been the same when they found out that their idol had been snatched by Ethan Li, this hateful man!

Lillie bluntly replied, "He seduced me."


Ethan: "....cough"

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