Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 135 3

Volume 2 Chapter 135 135: Unravel Part 3

The president of Lillie's fanboys' club sat down, dejected and flabbergasted.

Is that all it took?


He heard his heart shatter, and so does the other males in the room who once dreamt of being together with the Ice Goddess.

The man's male friends patted his back, though they are equally devastated by the answer, they still need to be strong and move on.

The PR manager felt the devastating aura of the men. He picked a woman againsince most of the men are too heartbroken, including him.

"What is your relationship with Lillie Bai? You admitted that you are connected with Madame Agathe, but what kind of relationship do you have with her and the Bai family?" This woman had been trying hard to enter the White Phoenix Empire for years, but to no avail.

She was frustrated, to say the least.

She dreamt of being WPE's employee, specifically, be the secretary of her idol, Lillie Bai.

She had the aptitude, the skills. She's capable of the works WPE has to offer. And yet, she was rejected.

Why was that?

Back when they were still students, she heard that Yu Mei became Lillie Bai's assistant.

She did not understand. Yu Mei was below her in terms of competence and skills.


When she connected the pieces, she found the answer.

Theodora Crevier. She's the bridge towards Lillie Bai.

Lillie recognized this woman, and had long, set her eyes on her.

She reminds her someone. Those familiar sharp eyes she shared with a certain lawyer, the eyes of an intellectual and calculative person.

"What is your name?" Lillie asked.

The woman was surprised when she was being questioned. "Andrea Houston."

"You are Jessica's little sister?"

Andrea's eyes widen. "I-uh..Y-yes." She stammered.

Jessica Houston was Lillie's lawyer.

Andrea had been jealous of her elder sister being the personal lawyer of Lillie Bai.

A famous lawyer that handled thousands of cases, and came out successfully.

Jessica Houston, an Elder of White Bird Organization.

Little did Andrea know, her big sister asked Lillie to reject her rsum, and also because she (Andrea) was Lillie's classmate.

She could not risk her identity be exposed too soon.

"I see."

But, she sees no problem in accepting her employment now.

"Miss Houston, I believe your older sister had been telling you a lot about my 'overbearing' demands." Lillie hinted.

Andrea blinked, confused.

Overbearing demands?

Well, her older sister has been blabbering nonstop how her employer, Lillie Bai, kept on making her life miserable with....overbearing....demands.

Andrea gasped, her mouth gaped. "Y-you are..."

"To answer your question, my relationship with Madame Agathe is mother and daughter. My relationship with Lillie Bai?" She paused, shaking her head.

"Oh dear, I'm afraid I failed to properly introduce myself..." The camera turned to focus on Lillie, zooming in as they anticipated her answer.

"I am Lilliana Theodora Crevier Bai. You may probably know me as Lillie Bai." She bluntly said.


Who doesn't know Lillie Bai?!

"I believe that should sate everyone's curiosity?" She titled her head, innocently, as if she just didn't rendered everyone paralyzed.

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