Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 136 4

Volume 2 Chapter 136 136: Unravel Part 4

No one spoke for a full minute. It's because no one can process the information in their minds.

The former students of SEU had it worst.

If you would suddenly tell them that their president, Theodora, is actually Lillie Bai...wouldn't they cry blood in regret?

Regret that they did not try harder in befriending her, regret that they did not worshipped her enough.

Regret that they could not decipher her true identity.

Uproar broke out.

Everyone in the room went crazy, the netizens went crazy, the whole world went crazy!

The guests reactions..

"M-my Ice Goddess is Lillie Bai?!"

"All this time, I was actually speaking to my dream boss?!"

"F*ck! I should've been a good student!"

"Maybe the reason CEO Bai did not hire us is because she knows us back in school, and knows we'd done something distasteful or found us lacking!"

"D*amn it! You're probably right!"

"CEO Bai, I've been a good student before! I beg you, please hire me!"

"Me too!"

"I could be an assistant!"

"Hah, you wish! You're not worthy!"

"Shut up! It's you who's not worthy! Don't think I forgot that you flunked Calculus!"

"Math does not define my skills!"

The netizen's reactions...

[D*amn! That's Lillie Bai?!]

[She's gorgeous!]

[I can't believe it! My school had not only Ethan Li, but Lillie Bai too?! I shall kiss my beloved school's floor! Hopefully I could absorb Lillie Bai's greatness!]

[Person above me, I shall join your quest!]

[Fellow students of SEU, let us worship the floors that not only Ethan Li stepped, but Lillie Bai as well!]

[No matter the cost, I will enroll my children in SEU!!!]

[I'll apply to be the janitor!]

[Wait, wait, wait!!!! Let us go back to a certain topic....Lillie Bai is engaged to Ethan Li?!]


If they had it worst, could you imagine the emotions Yang Hui is feeling right now?

Her wrath was flaring. Jealousy went up into a certain degree.

She could not believe it!

The woman she envies, the woman that was idolized by many, the woman she tried so hard to take down, is the actually the most powerful, richest, and influential woman in the country?!

Theodorano, Lillie Bai!

No wonder...no wonder she could afford everything! No wonder she could not touch her before!

She could only wish Theodora would suffer, now you would tell she was actually scheming against Lillie Bai herself?

As if you were asking an ant to take down a lioness!

Wait a minute...her now ex-lover should've known this! He should've told her!

No, what if he told Lillie Bai? What if Lillie Bai had known all along?!

What if she was played?!

Lillie Bai stood above the stage, her eyes scrutinized a certain someone's reaction.

Yes...that look of defeat, that look of absolute terror...

Though, it wasn't enough...

Her reaction wasn't enough to sate Lillie's demons.

Yang Hui hasn't tasted complete annihilation.

She must be completely broken before the big boss shows up.

A simple slice in the neck could do the trick as compensation for all the troubles you had cause.

Oh poor Yang Hui, if you were not his granddaughter, I wouldn't have played you like this.

Now, you must face the consequences.

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