Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 137 5

Volume 2 Chapter 137 137: Unravel Part 5

"Impossible!" Yang Hui screeched.

Lillie raised an eyebrow at Yang Hui's attempt of hiding her fear with denial.

It seems she fire still raged within her.

Or...she'd just lost her mind.

"How could you possibly be Lillie Bai?! You have no proof! Lillie Bai was never revealed by the public!"

"Do you have any shame at all?! You're pretending to be Lillie Bai in front of so many people, and to what more inside her property?!" Yang Hui was in major denial.

Lillie did not replied, letting her speak out all of her berates. The camera crew pointed the camera towards her, letting everyone who watches the video see the celebrity, Yang Hui, embarrass herself.

Yang Hui was fuming, her face red in anger. She sent Lillie a glare and raised an accusing finger.

"The hotel's manager said Lillie Bai was here! Call her and prove to everyone that you are indeed Lillie Bai!"

The guests that witnessed Lillie and the hotel manager's interaction was enough proof that Theodora was indeed Lillie Bai.

The pieces are all clear, they do not need anymore evidence.

In the first place, who would be so stupid as to claim herself as Lillie Bai in front of so many people, and to the media?

Well...there is someone...but she's history.

If Yang Hui realized her own words, wouldn't she die of shame? How could she be so stupid as not to realize a blatant information?

Lillie raised an eyebrow, as if she was staring at the personification of stupidity. "I believe you, of all people, should know the answer by now."

Yang Hui was confused. She payed no heed to the words she spout, thinking she could escape the embarrassment.

It was truly unfortunate that the majority of the guests are smart people.

It took time for her to realize this, but it was too late.

Yang Hui will just had to stick with her proclamations.

Her pride is at stake.

And one cannot underestimate the power of denial.

"You hair is black! It was a popular fact that Lillie Bai had silver hair like her mother!"

Yang Hui betted that she dyed her hair black as a disguise. It will take her time for her hair to grow to show the real color.

With this, she had time to think of a plan.

Hmmm...why does she feels like she's forgetting something?

Lillie sighed, lethargically pulling her black wig off, and letting her natural, silver curls cascade her shoulders.

"Is this enough proof, miss Yang?"

Yang Hui was speechless.

"Miss Yang, if we could please continue?" The press had been annoyed of Yang Hui's nonsense.

How she was accepted to a prestigious school like SEU was a mystery when she's literally stupidity embodied.

Yang Hui huffed, her eyes red, before stomping out of the hall to escape the suffocating air.

The looks they send her...it's irritating.

But, the looks Lillie gave her...

It frightens her.

It frightened her immensely...as if she was being calculated.

Lillie and Ethan stared at each other, their eyes conversing.

Now...what should we do to her?

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