Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 138

Volume 2 Chapter 138 138: Yang Huis Misery

(Warning: Not suitable to readers with weak stomach or minds.)

Yang Hui came back to the hotel room to confirm her suspicions.

She didn't stopped to think for a moment that what if he also had no idea that the woman he supposed to 'violate' was his boss?

What if he was also a victim of Lillie's schemes?

And what if he took it the bad way?

When Yang Hui entered the room, she was surprised to see Xing.

She's now fully clothed but, why is she covered with bruises? Also, there's dry blood on her head.

She scoffed. "What are you still doing here? Don't tell me you enjoyed it having s.e.x, you sl*t."

The Xing's dull eyes followed Yang Hui as she stepped inside the dim room.

"Where's Niu? I need to speak with him." She demanded, not the least bit concerned of her battered appearance.

"Hui." A deep, cold voice spoke from behind her, causing Yang Hui go flinch.

Niu came out from a corner, bearing nothing but a pair of pants. His expression was frosty, and his eyes were dull as Xing's.

Yang Hui gave him a nasty glare. "What are you doing sneaking up behind me? And why aren't you still wearing any clothes? You two couldn't stop shoving your tongues at each other?"

"Shut up." Yang Hui was stunned.

"What did you just told me?" She growled.

A rough hand grabbed her neck and slammed her on the ground, cutting off her air path.

"I. Said. Shut. Up." He squeezed her neck.

Yang Hui gasped as she turned blue from the lack of air. Her legs tried to hit him, but they were being pressed by his. Her hands tried to scratch or pull his hand off her throat, but they were held by his other hand.

Yang Hui eyes frantically searched for something. Then, her sight landed on Xing.

Xing motionlessly stood above her...holding a plastic knife.

Yang Hui tried to scream....

For mercy...

Tears streamed down her purple face, consciousness slowly fading.

The last thing she caught were two pairs of crazed red eyes, and a pair of insane grins...

...before her eyes were gauged out.


Who could've know that the CEO of WPE had been right under their noses this whole time?

Now that explains how Yu Mei got the job as CEO Bai's assistant back then, when the CEO herself was her friend!

That reminds them, where is Yu Mei?

She's one of the Student Council member, wasn't she?

Well, she's not important.

The video conference will come to an end soon.

But before that, Lillie had something to say.

"We would also like to have this chance to formally announce that Hong Long and White Phoenix Empire will soon establish a business partnership." She said.

"We officially declare the rivalry between two companies, voided. Interactions between establishments are to be expected, and employees no longer need to have any sorts of 'conflict' with each other." Ethan finished with a cough, making the guests laugh lightly.

"That'll be all for tonight. Thank you." Ethan and Lillie went down the stage and let the PR manager take care of the rest.

A round of applause vibrated.

Tomorrow, everything would never be the same.

And it's for the better.

Enemies would know that the two Devils had each others' back. They wouldn't dare mess with them now.

Everyone who didn't know will know that Lillie Bai and Ethan Li are engaged and that her identity was finally revealed.

Lillie and Ethan entered the car, and it drove off back to the Tranquil Villa.

Ethan held Lillie's cold hand, placing it to his lips.

"It went smoothly as planned." He commented.

"En." She hummed.

Lillie did not need to use her own hands to make someone suffer. There are others who would gladly do it in her stead.

Take those two as an example.

To be frank, Yang Hui failed to realize human nature; that they are prone to evil.

Going from the waiters, the janitor, the manager, and Yang Hui's unforeseen enemies. Lillie had everything under her careful jurisdiction.

All of it to take down Yang Hui.

Oh, don't misunderstand.

Lillie was just doing this to provoke the big boss.

Influential and powerful people tend to be meticulous. If someone tried to 'eat' one of their chess pieces, they will attack.

No matter if that piece was a mere pawn; they hate being beaten.

And Lillie's real target was the person behind the drug Yang Hui used in the room.

Yang Hui's grandfather, Master Yang of Soaring Dragon Academy.

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