Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 139

Volume 2 Chapter 139 139: Antsy Fool

Master Yang slammed his boney hands on the wooden table when one of his students came to him with bad news.

"What do you mean she's dead?!" He screamed.

His student still had his head lowered. "Young Miss Yang's body was found in a forest."

There was an anonymous message that appeared on his computer just this morning. When he opened the files that was sent to him, he vomited his breakfast.

It was a mutilated body of a woman, with a distinct feature that was similar to Young Miss Yang....

He carefully examined the body on photomuch to his stomach's displeasure.

Suddenly, mysterious person who send him the photo called.

It was a video call.

He gulped his anxiety. He made sure to turn off his camera before answering.

The camera on the other side gave him a live view of a forest.

"It's Yang Hui." A static voice robotically said. The camera pointed on the body, now being surrounded by wolves.

The mysterious person just confirmed his suspicions.

"Y-YouWho are you?!" He demanded.

"You can find her body at City M's forest, if you want to retrieve her." The voice said, completely ignoring his questions. "Don't worry, I won't let the wolves completely eat her." It added.

"You bastard! Do you have any idea who you're messing with?! We will not let you get away with this!"

"Oh...but I already have. Good day." The video call was cut off before he could retort.

After the that, he immediately called the students under Master Yang to go and retrieve Miss Yang's body.

Her body was brought into the laboratory for examination, in hopes to decipher who murdered her.

The autopsy showed that she was stabbed multiple times with a blunt weapon, and her eyes were dug out.

They do not know where she was killed, but they found out that she was killed around mid-night.

Last night, she was at the Bai Chteau to attend a party.

He tried to contact Ji Niu, her lover, but no one answered.

He also tried to call Yang Hui's friend, Su Xing, that went with her last night.

No one answered.

He ordered someone to find them.

When they did....

...cold bodies greeted them.

It was suicide.

"Who did this to her?!" Master Yang's voice was seething in rage as he stared his granddaughter's body. He had seen grotesque bodies that were damages beyond repair, and he remained apathetic of them.

But not in this case.

We're talking about his precious granddaughter for f*ck's sake!

"We investigated and found out it was the young miss' lover, Ji Nui, and her friend, Su Xing."

"Where are they now?!" He demanded.

"They...committed suicide..." The student slowly replied.

"Useless things!" Master Yang scolded furiously. "Do you have any useful information on who else was responsible?"

"T-the perpetrator might be one of the guests in the reunion party the young miss attended. Last night, Lillie Bai's identity was revealed, she's the young miss' former classmate."

"I give no concern with the happenings in the Human Realm!" Master Yang threw a book at him. "Find the bastard that's responsible for the death of my granddaughter! Don't go back to me empty handed! Get out of my sight, now!"

The student did not hesitate to flee.

It seems being antsy was within the family. Why couldn't they just stop and think carefully before advancing?

Death jumped out of the window ledge, wearing a gleeful smirk.

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