Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 140

Volume 2 Chapter 140 140: Deaths Fortune

"Yo, Junior Sister! Your very handsome and very kind Senior Brother is here toguah?!" Death dodged a vase flying towards his head, missing it by inches.

The vase smashed into pieces on the wall behind him. Death glared at the person who threw it. "You! Do you wanna die, huh?!"

Ethan gave him an unamused look, not a least bit concerned of his threat.

"What are you doing here." He demanded.

Lillie and Ethan finished 'cleaning' up by sunrise, and they had yet to sleep. Lillie had the hotel's penthouse prepared because she had expected that they wouldn't finish quickly.

So, it's only reasonable that Ethan would react this way to an intruder. To add up to his irritation, it was Death who decided to ruin such precious moment.

As this was a very rare occasion where Lillie was too exhausted to not mind sharing a bed with Ethan.

"Everything's going smoothly on your side?" Lillie appeared behind Ethan, wearing a dark blue robe. She let out a soft yawn.

Death's eyes narrowed at the sight. He looked between Ethan then Lillie, and assumed that there was 'something' going on.

Just based on his expression, Lillie knew what he was thinking, and immediately refuted his accusation. "We were sleeping."

Oh he trust her alright. But that doesn't apply to the person she's with.

What if he was groping her while sleeping?!

"Damn you, Dragon! How dare you taint my Junior Sister?!" Death clenched his fists on Ethan's shirt and pulled him roughly.

Ethan growled, smacking Death's hands off him. "What are you talking about?!"

"Don't play coy with me! My Junior Sister is so pretty, that I'm sure you couldn't keep your hands to yourself!" His impulsive accusations irked Ethanno wait, his whole existence irked him.

Besides, what's wrong with sharing a bed with his own fiance? They're in the 21st century for goodness sake!

And also, if he knew that it was Lillie who took the initiative to wrap herself around him...

Regardless, Death wouldn't believe him either way. So, what's the use of explaining?

Having been too tired, Lillie smacked both of them on the head.

Ethan's eyes looked at her as if saying 'why me too?'. A slight pout marred his lips, taking the impression of a kicked puppy.

"Enough with your childish gimmicks." She grumbled. "Death, what's his current holding?"

Death let out a low groan, caressing the growing bump on his head before replying, "It was as you expected. The old fool became too impulsive, and immediately ordered for a search. He will not be answering She Gu's call for the mean time to deal with that woman."

The woman he was pertaining was non other than Yu Mei.

With this matter, Master Yang is too preoccupied mourning, and formulating revenge for his granddaughter.

He will not deal with his work on Yu Mei, giving them enough time for the 'egg' to mature before hatching. [1]

"Good. Report if there's change. You're dismissed." Lillie blankly waved her hand in a shooing gesture.

A vein popped on his forehead. "I'm not one of your lackeys, damn it! Can't you be considerate with your kind Senior Brother, who flew all the way from different countries in one night?" He rambled.

"You know, a little breakfast would be nice, and a room to sleep in..." He said, blinking his glistening red eyes that turned from a predator to puppy-like.

Sighing, Lillie took the telephone and dialed the front desk, asking them to prepare the VIP guest room that was a floor below the penthouse.

"Your room's one floor below us. If you want to eat, there's the breakfast hall on the ground floor. Just ask the housekeeper for directions."

Death's eyes sparkled. His Junior Sister treats him well.

It was really his fortune to have such wealthy Junior Sister.

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