Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 141

Volume 2 Chapter 141 141: Swarmed

When Lillie and Ethan came back to their respective companies, they were greeted by a swarm of people.

Press and journalists from different companies all had the same thought, they wanted to interview the new sensation.

Because of the video, their faces appeared on every tabloids, social news, and social media. Their story were spread, some had it altered for dramatization.

But even if there's fake news, the netizen could always watch the video on Weibo for the truth. They are smart enough to know that some media news cannot be trusted.

Now that Lillie's face has been exposed, she needed to be careful. It was really convenient when only a few people knew of her identity.

It's not like she was hiding it on purpose.

She's just really good at staying among the shadows.

Her car passed the crowd with ease. It's a good thing they don't know what her car looks like. She entered the company's underground parking lot. There were a lot of securities here also, and another crowd wanting to sneak in.

The underground parking lot has a gate that can only be opened by the company's people, a microchip placed on their cars. When the gate opened for her, the crowd tried to tail along, but were stopped by the robust security personnels.

"This is getting quite out of hand." Lillie muttered to herself. She did not step out of the car yet. Instead, she picked her phone and dialed a number.

In just two rings, the phone was answered. Lillie drew her phone a bit farther from her ear, and as she expected...

"Lillie!" Tang He Jiu's loud voice screamed through the line.

[Lillie! How could you do this to me?! I though we had something special! Huhuhu!] He sobbed, dramatically.

"I have no time for your nonsense. I need you to call your boys. Send them here in the company immediately."

[Hm? Why?]

"Now." Lillie demanded, not answering his question.

On the other side, He Jiu gaped at his phone. He really could not believe this woman!

Like, who would dare to rudely hang up the phone after asking a favor from him?

Only Lillie would...and probably his mother.

She didn't even answered his question! Was it so hard for her to at least give a reply, huh?!

"Was that Boss?" Song Mo Kun spoke behind him, holding doc.u.ments for the next board meeting with HL Corporation.

"Kun! Could you believe what she did?! She was asking me a favor to send her my army boys, then I just asked her 'why?' and she just hanged up on me without answering!" He cried, like a child bawling to his mother about their mean sibling.

Song Mo Kun gave him a deadpanned expression. "Are you seriously asking me this?"

"Yes." He curtly replied.

"You watched the news, right?"


"Boss' face is all over the news, correct?"


"And what will the media do?"

"Duh, they'll swarm around her company to get an interview!"

Song Mo Kun stared at him blankly.

Tang He Jiu blinked.

"So? That didn't answer my question."

Song Mo Kun smacked the thick paper on his head, harshly.

"Ow! Ay, what the f*ck, man?!"

"You're an idiot." He simply said before walking out, afraid that his stupidity was contagious.

"H-hey! I'm not done talking! Why would Lillie ask me tooh....ooohhhhh....." Tang He Jiu sheepishly grinned.

"Hahaha! I get it now!"

An Xiu Ling peaked from the door, overhearing their conversation. "You're so slow. I pity Mo Kun." She lamented.

"That's mean!"

"And you're suppose to be Black Tiger. Shame on you." Lan Wu Cheng commented mockingly, standing beside An Xiu Ling.

Their masks present.

"Shut up, bird brain. You're no better!"

"What'd you called me?!"

"Bird brain! Let me rephrase, your brain is as small as a bird's!"

"I know what it means, idiot! How dare you call me, Red Raven the greatest hacker, bird brain?!"

"Cut it out you two!" An Xiu Ling hit their heads. "He Jiu, don't keep the Boss waiting!"

"R-right..." His eyes teared up from the pain.

This woman's hits are too damn strong!

But not strong as Lillie's.

One hit could send him to the nine realms!

"Kun! Wait for me!" He dashed out of the room to catch up with Song Mo Kun.

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