Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 142

Volume 2 Chapter 142 142: Wei Fangs Regret

Lillie stood in front of her office's huge, tinted window. The commotion below her subsided as the military soldiers under He Jiu's former command came to pull everyone away.

Of course, she did not forget to send the half to Ethan's company.

Now that there's no more ruckus to disturb her, she sat back on her swiveled chair to read reports.

Elliot came in and gave her today's schedule.

"Just now, Weishi Corporation called."

Lillie immediately knew what it was.

Since her true identity was exposed, Wei Fang will not waste any moments to try and get to the bottom of it.

"What do they want?"

"Their CEO, Mr. Wei Fang wanted to have a private audience with you as soon as possible."

A sardonic smile graced Lillie's red lips. Elliot saw her mocking smile, and knew for a certain that this matter is not simple as it seems.

There are still things he didn't know about Lillie, and he choose to not ask her anything.

As her most loyal confidant, he'll patiently wait for her to open up to him.

"Tell them to wait for the allotted time. I'm certain we already discussed this with them." Her tone was colder than usual that it even made him shiver.

If you thought that just because he had worked for her for many years that he's used to it, then you're terribly wrong.

"I will inform them right away." Elliot tipped his head before excusing himself out.


At Weishi Corporation's main building, a tall, handsome man in a dark blue suit paced around his office with a glum expression as he anxiously wait for the response.

Lillie Bai...the woman he had stumbled upon at Sapphire Blues, the beautiful woman he was attracted to, but was already snatched by Ethan Li.

Lillie Bai...she's Theodora, his Thea!

His childhood best friend, and the girl who managed to steal his heart.

But, because of his stupidity, because of his naiveness, his relationship with her was destroyed, never to be repaired.

He listened to other people's words instead of hers. She tried to explain, but he didn't listened, and fled like the coward he was.

He broke her trust.

He broke their friendship.

He tried to look for her. He searched for her for years.

He was searching for Theodora Crevier when he's suppose to search for Lillie Bai.

Suddenly, he remembered the first time they've met. Memories that were blurry and hard to remember for he was so young, and was very forgetful.

Lilliana Theodora Bai.

That was her name.

Chuckling as he remembered their first encounter. He called her Dora as her name was hard for him to pronounce.

Soon, he began calling her Thea, but would sometimes call her Dora just to tease her.

He did not bothered calling her for her full name. He was stuck with nicknames instead because Lilliana or Theodora was a mouthful.

And that was a big mistake.

The black haired girl with big, round glasses, and braces...who could've thought that she'll grow into a beautiful and strong-willed woman?

That shy little girl who stuttered when she's around people...

That shy little girl who took it upon herself to befriend him...

Only for him to destroy it in the end...

That shy little girl....grew up, and became a person everyone idolized and feared at the same time.

The notorious She-Devil of the Elite Society, and the Business World.

Now known as Ethan Li's fiance.

But, could you blame him?

He was young, stupid, hotblooded, and impulsive.

Suddenly, a knock interrupted his thoughts. He composed himself on his seat and said "Come in."

His secretary entered with an answer from Lillie's company.

"I spoke with Miss Bai's secretary. He said that we should wait for the designated date for the meeting." His secretary said with a solemn tone.

Wei Fang's shoulders limped, dejected.

"I see..." His sullen tone matched his depressed aura.

"You're dismissed." He wanted to be alone for awhile.

His secretary looked at him in concern, but when he's like this he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

He could only bow and say, "Yes, sir." Before retreating.

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