Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 143 1

Volume 2 Chapter 143 143: Crossing Paths Part 1

Wei Fang was scheduled for a dinner meeting with a potential business partner at a well-known, French restaurant.

He wore his dinner suit that hangs inside his office's closet in case for these kinds of situations. Choosing between a bowtie or a tie, he got frustrated and chose neither, leaving his collar free from the uncomfortable tie.

"Shall I call the driver to the front?" His assistant asked, holding his phone.

"Sure." Wei Fang answered while fixing his cufflinks.

He needed to look his very best, as he was reminded by his father that this potential business partner brought his daughter with him.

And it was no secret that this daughter was quite smitten with handsome businessmen his father associates with.

So, in order for him to end the meeting successfully, not only would he impress the older man, but his precious daughter as well.

It annoyed Wei Fang but he had no choice.

After checking himself on the mirror for more than a dozen times, Wei Fang finally left the office, with his assistant in tow, and rode the car to the restaurant,

L'incarnation du Loisir [1]

Arriving in front of said restaurant, Wei Fang and his assistant let the hostess guide them to their reserved table.

Wei Fang noticed that the table was empty, indicating that the older man and his daughter had yet to arrive.

"Would you like a glass of wine while waiting?" The hostess asked politely.

"That would be lovely, thank you." The hostess blushed slightly when Wei Fang graced her with a charming smile.

Who wouldn't blush when a handsome man smiled at you?

But, he wasn't that handsome compared to the cold, domineering man she saw just a while ago.

She had to force herself not to squirm before him. She even needed to look down just to cover her red face.

That man, she saw him more than once. It was truly heart-aching that he already have a woman he treasures.

Regardless, she was not completely dejected as the woman was really beautiful!

Ethan Li and Lillie Bai are a rare sight to behold.

Wei Fang took a sip from his glass filled with red wine, as his assistant busied himself typing something on his phone; probably arranging another meeting.

Suddenly, his ears picked up a familiar voice. The restaurant wasn't full, and the only thing that made it lively was the classical music.

He turned his head around in search for it, until his eyes landed on a black-clad man, in front of him was...

The older man he was suppose to meet and his daughter, ogling at him like a piece of rare gem.

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