Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 144 2

Volume 2 Chapter 144 144: Crossing Paths Part 2

Wei Fang's eyes narrowed.

He didn't considered Ethan as his friend, and likewise, he was not even barely an acquaintance.

It was his father who made him try to 'befriend' him for the sake of the company. Sadly, it didn't go all too well.

Every time the two crossed paths, there is always an air of hostility surrounding Ethan. An encounter with him back at Sapphire Blues was a good example.

And he was with Theaor Lillie.

How could he be so stupid as to not recognize his best friend?

Well, he did have a problem with his memories, and Lillie was much different when she was in middle school.

Wei Fang concluded that she was wearing a black wig the whole time. Plus, she was wearing those big, Harry Potter glasses, and braces; it really made her look like a typical, cliche movie nerd.

Still, he couldn't help but feel upset.

Oh, don't be mistaken. He wasn't petty to be upset with Ethan for having Lillie.

He was upset with himself for not trying harder.

Though, the thing that made him upset about Ethan is attracting his company's potential business partner.

You can't blame him if he felt hostile towards Ethan; he had every reasons to.

The elder man was talking enthusiastically to not withEthan, while his daughter shamelessly pushed her bosoms, hoping that it would catch his attention.

Wei Fang scoffed at this, and was slightly delighted to see Ethan in an uncomfortable situation.

"Mr. Li, I believe you haven't met my daughter yet. Sweetie, please introduce yourself." The jolly old man said.

The woman bashfully fluttered her eyes and said, "Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am Ming Ting."

Ethan did not replied. His arms crossed on his chest as he coldly gazed at the shameless father-daughter duo who, out of nowhere, choose to interrupt his night.

He actually waiting for Lillie. They decided to have another dinner date to unwind after the whole incident with Yang Hui, and also to celebrate their success.

He should've reserved a more private table like last time. He didn't expect someone would dare to approach him, and boldly try to flirt with him now that almost everyone knows his relationship with Lillie Bai.

Besides, he did not even know these pests.

"Why are you here." His icy, blunt tone caused the two to feel perplexed.

"U-uhm we just wanted to talk to you. Y-you know, just to see how you're holding up. I-I heard you're engaged with Lillie Bai?" The elder man tried to changed the topic, and almost cursed himself out loud for asking such a thing when he's trying to hook his daughter with him.

Ethan's lips curled into a mocking smirk. "Hoh? So you do know I'm already engaged."

Mr. Ming and his daughter profusely sweat, and felt embarrassed.

"O-oh! Would you look at the time! It seems were quite late for our meeting! Please excuse us, Mr. Li. It was a pleasure talking with you." Mr. Ming bowed, and quickly walked away, his daughter hot on his trail.

Ethan's silver eyes followed the two figures, and saw a familiar man with mop of dark brown hair [1] across the room.

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