Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 145 3

Volume 2 Chapter 145 145: Crossing Paths Part 3

Wei Fang averted his head when he saw Mr. Ming stood up and walked towards their table. He pretended not to notice anything as he calmly sip his wine.

It was a good thing his assistant was still busy with his phone, because he would've been a terrible actor.

"Mr. Wei, I'm terribly sorry for being late. You see, I saw a friend of mine and talked a bit that I almost forget about the time!" Wei Fang forced himself not to snort.

This old man must took him for a fool.

"It's alright, Mr. Ming." Wei Fang smiled in reassurance. "We just arrived after all."

Mr. Ming chuckled and said he was glad. Then he introduced his daughter to her like what he did to Ethan.

Ming Ting blushed when Wei Fang smiled at her, as if forgetting that she wasn't all over Ethan awhile ago.

What made Mr. Ming interesting to his father was a mystery.

"Your father and I had talked about your future. His mind could not be at ease when he realized that you don't have someone to spend your days with, and build your own family."

Wei Fang felt dread churned his stomach when he realized the purpose of this meeting.

"Fang-er." He called intimately like a father to his son. "We talked about you finally settling down. Your father wished to arrange a marriage with one of my daughters. Just so happen, Ting-er is the closest to your age."

Wei Fang froze, his assistant's fingers stopped moving.

His whole world seemed to stop, his mind refused to process the information. The soft music being played seemed to ring painfully in his ears.

His eyes were stilled when suddenly, they landed on a familiar, breathtakingly beautiful woman with the distinct, silvery blonde hair.

She stood out like a bright red rose in a bed of white roses. The air of nobility and coldness seemed to latch onto her like second skin, as she walked passed them.

She did not even glance at him even once, her eyes only stared straight to the man across their table, where Mr. Ming and his daughter came from.

That's Lillieno, his Thea.

From his peripheral view, he saw Ethan stood up from his seat and wrapped his arm around her waist. Wei Fang saw Ethan whispered something, and Lillie nodded as if in agreement before calling one of the waiters.

He did not heard what they were talking about, but he saw the waiter nodded and lead them upstairs, where Wei Fang knew where the private tables are.

Before disappearing from his view, Ethan turned his head to his direction, and gave him a triumphant smirk.

Wei Fang clenched his fists under the table, seething in anger.

"Wasn't that Lillie Bai?" Mr. Ming commented. As she's not someone you can ignore, Lillie Bai's presence practically made everyone inside freeze and just gawk at her.

"Even though I've watched the video conference, I still can't believe that those two are engaged. Now I've personally seen it with my own eyes, I still can't believe!" He exclaimed.

"It's as if those two were never in bad terms in the beginning; with the way they held each other." Ming Ting mumbled to herself bitterly. Wei Fang heard her, and mentally clicked his tongue at her two-facedness.

This woman just met her betroth, and she's already trying to latch onto someone else's.

I hope father would reconsider, especially when he knew of this woman's true colors.

"By the way, your father mentioned that he used to take you to Hong Long to play with their young master. He said that the two of you were friends." Mr. Ming said.

Wei Fang's eyes glinted coldly. He knew exactly what this old fool's planning.

He wanted to use him to reach Ethan. He wanted him to be the 'bridge'.

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