Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 146

Volume 2 Chapter 146 146: Love Rival: Down

Wei Fang feigned a sheepish laugh, "I would not dare call it friendship, more like acquaintances. Mr. Li and I did not exactly have what we call a 'good' relationship." He air quoted jokingly.

"Oh I see, that's a shame. I would've love to meet the famous Lillie Bai in person. I'm sure Fang-er is also interested to meet the future Mrs. Li." He sighed.

"To tell you the truth, Lillie Bai was actually a dear friend of mine. She was my classmate back in middle school." Wei Fang casually said. "Though I'm afraid she no longer recognize me."

Mr. Ming's eyes visibly brightened. "Your friend you say?"

"En. Lillie and I had a special relationship when we were young. She was so much different back then, so I did not recognize her as Lillie Bai." Wei Fang feigned a sad tone.

He saw Mr. Ming rub his bearded chin with a thoughtful expression. "I'm sure Miss Bai would be delighted to see an old friend. And if it's just as you say that she does not recognize you, how about we make her remember you?"

Wei Fang shook his head, sighing. "I'm afraid that cannot be done, Mr. Ming. As we just saw, the two are busy with their date. It'll be impolite to suddenly disturb their night." He said, highlighting every words.

Mr. Ming and his daughter noticeably went red in embarrassment, remembering how they shamelessly approached Ethan awhile ago.

Under Wei Fang's scrutinizing gaze, they felt uncomfortable on their seats.

Then, Wei Fang stood from after downing the rest of his drink.

"I believe this night has been anything but 'productive'." He eyed Mr. Ming. "I'm sure my father would be 'delighted' to hear 'everything' that has happened tonight."

Mr. Ming paled. "F-Fang-er, I-I"

"Good day, Mr. Ming." He smiled before turning his back on the gaping father-daughter duo.

His assistant frantically jogged towards him. Invisible question marks popped on top of his head.

On the restaurant's private balcony, Lillie leaned on the railings as she observed the figure retreating to his car along with his little assistant.

"What seemed to catch your attention?" Ethan appeared behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her towards him.

Lillie sighed in content, snuggling deeper into his warm embrace. "The past." She said.

"The past?" Ethan repeated.

Lillie hummed. "En. Just watching how silly my past self was."

"Which one." He smirked, teasing. Lillie chuckled and lightly pinched his forearm.

"The younger one." She said. "Can't believe I found myself to like that guy."

Ethan frowned, clearly upset that Lillie liked someone before him.

The guy who became Lillie's first crush.

"What's so good about him anyway? He's too bright and cheerful. I swear rainbows appear behind him." He grumbled.

Mirth glinted on her eyes as she let out a soft laugh. Ethan leaned his forehead on her shoulder, relishing her beautiful smiles, and cherishing her laughs.

Both her soft and evil laughs, to be honest.

"So, mind telling me what you have planned for your little childhood crush?" Ethan hoped it would be something worst.

"Hmm...there is one ploy I had in mind for a long time." She said.

This perked his interest. Hoh? His wife plan to take down one of his love rival?

He must've saved the world to deserve such amazing wife.

"Is there something I could do to help? He is my rival after all." He pointed.

Lillie pinched her chin in a thoughtful manner. "Well...there isn't much." She teased.

Ethan frowned like a sad puppy.

She turned around, wrapping her arms on her neck and whispered, "You could just be you." She smirked, giving him a knowing look.

And with that, Ethan copied her her sly expression.

"I like the sound of that."

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