Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 147

Volume 2 Chapter 147 147: Pursuit

After another 'eventful' date at the restaurant, Ethan drove the car back to Tranquil Villa.

Lillie sat beside him on the passenger seat, completely relaxed as her knuckles supported her head.

Her tired eyes did not fought back the heaviness of her eyelids, and just let them close.

Her mind then flew back to the affair at the restaurant.

Lillie swears that restaurant had always been a place where something 'interesting' happens.

That place was, after all, where she met finally her fiance, Ethan Li.

It has become a sacred, and special place for her, and even Ethannot that it was a secret.

Maybe she should buy it? Hmm...not a bad idea.

The car turned to a stop abruptly in the middle of a deserted road. Lillie's eyes snapped open and stared at Ethan.

"We have company." He curtly answered.

Lillie's eyes automatically looked ahead, and saw ten black, cargo trucks in about a mile.

The headlights were so bright that it was not hard not to notice them.

Idiots. They failed the rules of stealth and ambush.

"There were some behind us a while ago, but I lost them. Though it seems they still found a way to corner us." He discreetly muttered, grumbling under his breath at the annoyance.

"Why didn't you told me sooner?" Lillie asked, calmly.

"You were asleep." He bluntly replied, as if it was the most reasonable excuse ever.

Lillie did not know whether to be touched or annoyed. She could only sigh and rub her temple.

They were in a highway. The sides where fenced so they could not go anywhere but forward and backward. If they go forward, the people inside the trucks might engage an attack.

If they go back, the risk of more on their trails is high.

Don't be mistaken, she's not worried with a series of gunshots or even a grenade.

The car is coated with extremely hard metal, and the glass was made of nanobots that catches every bullets that it will not penetrate nor even scratch the car.

It's just that they might cause civilians to be caught with the assault.

It would catch the Government's attention, and it would certainly not be pretty for the two Devils.

"I'll take the wheels." Not waiting for his reply, Lillie pressed a button, and immediately, the car's steering wheel met her hands.

On her feet, pedals appeared. Not wasting any seconds, she stepped on the accelerator and zoomed forward.

Lillie gripped on the wheel. She looked at the rear-view mirror and saw the incoming black trucks. She clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"Call the HQ." Lillie did not need to tell him twice, as he already held his phone and contacted the HQ, sending them an emergency code.

"Do you have any idea who these guys are?" Ethan asked.

"I may have a guess." Because of her heightened vision, Lillie caught an insignia on the black, cargo trucks.

It's a red dragon.

"She Gu."

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