Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 148

Volume 2 Chapter 148 148: Wife Is Too Op

She miscalculated. She would've never expected for She Gu to pursue her.

Did he already suspected her? No, that's impossible.

Maybe he found out that she was the one behind for his failed plan in subjugating Hong Long Corporation.

That might as well be or...he wanted to target the Bai family's heiress, and finally control the White Phoenix Empire...

Hah! He tried once and failed, where did his confidence came from to think he can win this time?

It's also impossible for him to track whoever kidnapped his daughter, as Lillie made sure to erase even a spect of trail.

She Gu knew his daughter was last seen at Hong Long Corporation. When he was about to investigate further inside the company, he received a fake informationforged by She Leithat She Xi Lan ran away into another country with a man.

She Gu did not believe it at first, as he knew how infatuated his daughter is to Ethan Li and his wealth. But when She Lei gave him another 'evidence', She Gu finally believed him and burst into a fit of rage.

So, Lillie concluded that She Gu is after her to have her family's Empire.

What is he going to do? Kidnap her and force her father to give up the company?

Wait a minute...Ethan is with her.

"Don't tell me he's after the both of us?" Lillie said to Ethan.

Ethan frowned. "Highly possible. It's really peculiar on how he knew exactly where we are and the how he knew the car we are using."

After Lillie's exposure, and the revelation about their relationship, Lillie and Ethan made sure to not let the anyone know where they are.

They even used a non eye-catchy car to escape public eyes. The only time some people knew where they are is inside the restaurant.

The only people inside that restaurant are the staffs, a few customers not worth mentioning, and....

...Wei Fang, his assistant, and two others Lillie was quite familiar of.

Mr. Ming, and his precious daughter, Ming Ting.

Ming Ting...the Underworld's very own Azure Tortoise.

If Lillie did not gave her a second glance, she would've never expected that woman was Azure Tortoisegood thing Death gave her Azure Tortoise's personal file, that was kept by the Underworld Reapers.

She Gu or fake Vermillion Dragon and Azure Tortoise are allies, like White Bird is to Black Tiger.

Taking Azure Tortoise's matter later, Lillie firstly need to eliminate She Gu's goons.

Lillie stepped on the accelerator at full speed, she can already see the trucks being opened, and She Gu's men emerged with firearms.

She did not see a way for their car to pass, but who said she could not make one?

She took a quick glance at Ethan, and saw him calmly sitting there, as if he was in for a fun ride. Lillie let out an amused scoff.

"Ai, activate the EMP in ten seconds." Lillie command through the car's tablet.

Robotic noise fathomed from the tablet before Ai's sweet voice was connected.

"Activating electromagnetic pulse in ten...nine..." As Ai counted, Lillie did not slowed down.

Ethan held onto his seat with a concerned look.

The car was being fired by a series of gunshots, and when it was about ten meters near...


Blue electric force blew the trunks, along with the men, away. Killing every single one of them.

"Good job, Ai."

"Glad to help, mother."

Ethan could not help but ask, "Won't that catch the attention of She Gu even further?"

She Gu would definitely be suspicious if he found out Lillie Bai had such advanced technological weapon.

"That is why we need the Elders. It's their job to cover such evidence." Lillie simply said, staring at the rear-view mirror once again to see if they are still being followed.

Now that the front was gone, how about the back?

"Ai received a message from Silent Death." Ai informed.

"What did he say?"

"The cats are gone." [1]


Ethan suddenly felt useless.

Wife, aren't you too OP?

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