Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 149

Volume 2 Chapter 149 149: Marked By A Tortoise

Lillie did not drove the car back to Peach Town, instead turned the car out of the city, far away from home.

Ethan did not question her, knowing exactly what she was thinking; as great minds think alike.

They did not take the risk of coming back knowing that She Gu was targeting them. It would cause some casualties to those near them.

Nanny Ying and Butler Tian had no idea that someone with killing intent is lurking in the corners of Tranquil Villa.

It's true that Peach Town has one of the best security in the country, but that doesn't mean She Gu's men can't infiltrate.

That is why from the beginning, Lillie hired her own people from White Bird Organization. Of course, they do not know that the person who hired them was White Bird herself.

She made sure the acting servants she hired came from the Elite Assassination Unit.

[Boss, She Gu called more after you.] Lan Wu Cheng (Red Raven) spoke from the tablet.

"Where are they?"

[They are heading north to your direction.]

"They placed a tracking chip on the car?"

[Wait, let me check]

After a few minutes, Lan Wu Chen answered in a grave tone. [It's not on the car, but on the person beside you]

Lillie automatically glanced at Ethan, who had a surprised expression.

"Where is it?"

[It's....inside him.]

Ethan felt his stomach churn, his blood fueling in anger.

Who dared?!

His mind directly went back to everything that happened today. He went from the time he opened his eyes in the morning, to the time at the restaurant.

That old man and his daughter.

Ethan knew it was them immediately, but had no idea how they managed to mark him.

"Red Raven, deactivate that chip unnoticed. We will not risk our identities being exposed." She ordered.

[Already on it, Boss!]

"Call me back when you're done."

[Yes, ma'am!]

Lillie ended the call. Her eyes averted the quiet road to give Ethan a look.

"It's a nanochip, Ethan. Even I would not know it's inside me if not checked." She said in an assuring tone.

Ethan did not replied, still ashamed that he was the reason those men were still following them.

"Besides, that woman, Ming Ting, would not be who she is if she cannot do something like this successfully." This caught Ethan's attention. He stare at her, waiting for her to continue.

"It's really strange for her to personally come out the dark, knowing her persona as Azure Tortoise." She said in a thoughtful tone.

Ethan's eyes turned icy cold. That woman was Azure Tortoise?

Everything makes sense now. Azure Tortoise would not be one of the Underworld's Legendary Leaders if she failed at something as simple as making someone swallow her 'shells'.

Even Ethan wouldn't have thought that Ming Ting was Azure Tortoise. What are the odds that three of the real Underworld Leaders were in one place.

It's a shame Tang He Jiu was not present to join the reunion.

As Vermillion Dragon, Ethan was extra careful when he's near Azure Tortoise, knowing her infamous talent of 'marking' someone unknowingly.

He wouldn't have no idea that he was marked if it weren't for the check up from Red Raven.

But, it goes without saying that Ethan was careless. His current self was nowhere near his self as Vermillion Dragon.

He needs to 'train' again.

Shivering unconsciously just by mere thought of being trained by the master he swore to never come back to.

That old man was the real devil incarnate; a real sadist.

"Does her father know?" Ethan knew Mr. Ting, and that he is the type of man that avoids dealing with the mafias at all cost.

"I don't think he's aware."

"Why do you say so?"

"If Mr. Ming has been connected with the Underworld from the beginning, his status in the society would not be simple. Knowing what kind of person Azure Tortoise is, she would not let anyone be superior than her." She elucidated, her eyes not leaving the road.

"But, Ming Ting adores her father, and she knew how much he loathe the Underworld. It's true that Mr. Ming is greedy and a scheming bastard, but his hate for the Underworld throw all of that aside."

Unknown to Mr. Ming, not only is he deep within the Underworld's grasp, his own daughter is one of the leaders.

Ethan chuckled. "You just have to love the irony."

A sly smirked appeared on Lillie red lips and lightly laughed. "Indeed."

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