Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 150

Volume 2 Chapter 150 150: Trump Card

Ming Ting sat on her swiveled chair crossed legged, her chin rested on her palm as she observed the huge monitor displaying a map with a blinking red dot.

Her long, blue-painted nails drummed on her wooden desk in utter boredom.

Suddenly, the red dot disappeared from her sight, causing Ming Ting to jolt on her seat, stunned.

"What?" She muttered in disbelief. Grabbing the mouse, she zoomed the map out and still she did not see the blaring red dot.

"They find it out, huh..." Ming Ting smirked, amused. "Quite rare for someone to notice my mark. Who are these people anyway?" She said and turned to face a man with red mask.

She Gu, or Vermillion Dragon sat at the corner. Though he may seem calm, but his guard is complete up as the person he is with is non other than the best tracker in the Underworld, Azure Tortoise.

Ming Ting's face was hidden by an eerie, azure mask. Azure Tortoise's mask was a sight to be frightened.

Showing fang-baring, grinning tortoise that seem to penetrate everyone's soul. [1]

"Lillie Bai and Ethan Li are two prominent figures in the Elite Society. Their families belong to a noble lineage that traces back far from our current time." She Gu's voice was masked by an equipment that helped sound like the real Vermillion Dragon.

"Any affiliations with the Underworld?"

"Believe it or not, the two of them are quite clean." Of course She Gu would not know that Lillie have connections with the Underworld; She Lei made sure of that.

Azure Tortoise hummed. "Though I cannot understand why you are so infatuated by them." She mused thoughtfully. "Is it for their wealth? Power?"

"It's for revenge." She Gu replied in half-truth.

"Hooh~ And what did this little couple do to make the great Vermillion Dragon seek vengeance on them?" Her voice slurred in bold mockery.

Hidden by the mask, She Gu gritted his teeth in anger. How dare this woman make fun of him?!

"It's non of your business." He growled. "We have a mutual agreement. In exchange for your service, I will give you what you wish for."

"Fufufu~ and what made you think you can grant my wish?" Azure Tortoise challenged, titling her head.

Fortunately She Gu was wearing a mask, if Azure Tortoise saw his sweat covered forehead, she'll swallow him whole.

"You want Ethan Li. If you help me take down Lillie Bai, that boy is yours to play with."

"You tried taking them down before, why do you seem so assured that you can succeed this time?"

"It's because I do not want to waste precious sources." He nonchalantly replied.

"Care to share?"

She Gu harrumphed "I have connections with the Rosenguard Clan. Surely they wouldn't mind me asking a small favor." Arrogance dripped from his words.

Azure Tortoise's ears perked. Now this is an interesting news.

"I'm listening."

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