Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 151

Volume 2 Chapter 151 151: Hiding

[The chip has been deactivated successfully] Red Raven chirped.

"Good job."

After driving the car around the city to make sure that they were out of the radar, Ethan and Lillie agreed to hide for awhile and wait for the hunting to die down.

Lillie parked the car on a motel's parking lot. The two headed towards the room after getting the key. The motel was located at a quiet street, far away from the bustling city.

Fortunately, it was modest and clean for a cheap place.

Lillie and Ethan had no problem sleeping in a place like this, despite their aristocratic background.

Contrary to popular beliefs, they would even sleep on a slum if it came to a point.

Because they belonged to the Underworld, and it's not all grand luxurious as others believe it is.

Yes, being a member of the Underworld Society gives you wealth, power and connections; but it comes with a price.

You wouldn't even think twice hiding in a slum if even your breakfast is topped with bullets.

That is why real identities must be hidden. Though, some were brave (stupid) not to hide theirs and blatantly introduce themselves as Demons [1].

Slumping on the bed, Lillie contacted the team captain of the assassins she hired for Tranquil Villa.

She had them check the vicinity for any suspicious people lurking. Getting a positive reply, Lillie sighed in relief. Next, she called another team from the Bai mansion to check up on her family.

[Your family's safe, miss, and we caught the intruders without alerting your family. What shall we do with them?]

"You can do whatever you want."

[Yes, miss]

Lillie did not give further instructions because she knew exactly what they will do with them.

Because they are Vermillion Dragon's men, White Bird's people would automatically send them to the organization as they were mortal enemies.

Remember, no one from the people Lillie hired knew she was White Bird. She simply guised herself as an employer.

Ethan sat next to Lillie and locked her into his arms. "Don't worry too much." He softly reassured, rubbing her shoulder.

"What's the report on your side?" Lillie asked him.

"My family's fine. These kind of events happened before, and they already know what to do."

If you already forgot, She Gu targeted the Li family before. Their company was almost taken and his family was almost murdered.

Ethan just left the Underworld for a year when his family was almost massacred. His senses were still sensitive to danger, and it was going haywire.

And without further notice, their mansion was raided by armed assailants wearing Vermillion Dragon uniforms.

Coincidentally, his family were out of town that day. Ethan did not risked his identity being exposed so, he choose not to fight.

He was extremely confused that time, wondering why his former subordinates attacked him.

He wanted to know why, but he made a promise to never again keep in touch with the Underworld.

Ethan believed that the former Vermillion Dragon members choose a certain path. And one path happened to target his family.

He was angry, of course. But he also remembered that people of the Underworld are not kind people, and neither was he.

Even if it's an embarrassment in his side, Ethan seek help to the government for protection.

As the Lis are one of the noble families, the government gladly helped them without hesitation.

"How many times was your family targeted by the Underworld?" Ethan curiously asked, wondering how Lillie escaped the suspicions of being an Underworld dweller.

"Numerous times." She said.

"How did you escaped their suspicions of you being one of them?"

"It's He Jiu." Was her brief reply.


That's right. Tang He Jiu's guise was a Major General in their country's military.

Damn it, he should've come up with useful guise too than being a hotshot CEO.

Ethan reluctantly applaud to Tang He Jiu's cleverness. Is that guy secretly a genius pretending to be stupid?

Well, Tang He Jiu did resigned from a prestigious and useful position just to be part with his company's board to help Lillie sooooo....


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