Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 152

Volume 2 Chapter 152: Azure Tortoises Wrath

While Lillie was talking with Elliot over the phone for a report in the company, Ethan was talking with Blood Venom.

"Send out the Black Python. I need something as a distraction to avert She Gu and Azure Tortoise's attention away from us." He commanded through the phone.

Black Python were the former assassination division of Vermilion Dragon Organization. Before, Blood Venom informed him that when they were kicked out of the organization by the fake Vermillion Dragon, they had turned themselves into a mercenary group.

[Why? What happened?] Blood Venom inquired.

"None of your business."

He heard Blood Venom grunted in annoyance, muttering something incoherently.

[It doesn't happen to be being attacked while in your human form?] [1]

"As I said, it's none of your business."

[Come on man! We've known each other since the organization's beginning! Didn't I somehow gain your full trust? Damn, you already know my face, my address and my number! This is unfair!] He childishly whined.

"Thank you."

[Don't 'thank you' me with that tone! If I wasn't your friend, I would've believed you were just using me]

"I'm your friend?"

[That's it! I'm done with you!]

"Who's that?" Appearing from behind, Lillie asked. The phone was not on speaker but she could still hear some incoherent howls.

"It's Blood Venom." Ethan gave her the phone in hopes that he would listen to her.

[sacrificed my innocent eyes just to spy on that pig and his nightly activities when you could just!]

"Do as you were told."

[!!!] Blood Venom almost choked on his saliva when he heard White Bird's voice.

Your mother! [2] How dare you push me to the big boss! Are you even a man?!

Wait. White Bird and Vermillion Dragon are together? And if they were both together, and were attacked in their human form, it must mean that they knew each others' real identity!

Lillie gave the phone back to Ethan after ending the call. A tired yawn escaped from her lips and unceremoniously slumped on the bed, prone.

An amused smile graced Ethan's lips. He went towards the bed and joined her. His weight caused the bed to sink and for Lillie to roll to his side.

Taking this as an opportunity, he wrapped his arms around her body.

Ethan felt really happy, despite today's unpleasant event, as he got another chance to cuddle with Lillie.

*sigh* he hope that it'll be like this every time.

The two slept peacefully that night.

However, the same did not seem to be the case on these other two.

Overnight, She Gu's territories and businesses were trashed. His transactions and deals with other mafiosos were cancelled, causing shortages in weapons, drugs, and connections.

His relationship with allies were strained by unknown reasons, and the headquarter was attacked by now ex-allies.

In Azure Tortoise's side, it was the same.

To add to the burn, her father's company went bankrupted. The Wei family pulled out the shares with their company, and her engagement with Wei Fang was thrown into dirt.

Lillie and Ethan had nothing to do with this though.

It was all Wei Fang.

He managed to convince his father that the Ming family were not a good collaboration; given the 'evidences' he showed him.

Ming Ting was seething on her chair as she glared at the monitor that displayed everything that has happened with her father's company and her family's position in the society.

"Aarrghh!" She crazily hauled her desk upside down, smashing its contents harshly on the ground.

"Damn that Wei Fang! Who does he think he is?! How dare he do this to my father!" Ming Ting screeched, cursing Wei Fang and his family.

She didn't care what happened to Azure Tortoise Organization. What happens in the Underworld stays in the Underworld; and she'll deal with that later.

But what angered her the most is her 'innocent' father being bullied by that girly-boy and his damn family!

She let out angry pants, veins popped out of her forehead. "Good! Very good! We'll see how you survive Azure Tortoise's wrath!"

Her father may not like the Underworld, but who said he needed to know?

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