Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 153

Volume 2 Chapter 153: The Laboratory

Leaving the motel after a few hours of sleep, the two drove off by dawn.

Ethan took the wheels and headed towards his old hideout, where Ai eagerly awaited for their arrival.

Entering the familiar forest and following the trails he left, the car arrived at the underground tunnel.

Lillie leaned on the window, watching with interest at the place that became Ethan'sas Vermillion Dragon'ssanctuary.

"Welcome to my humble base." Ethan chivalrously opened the car's door for Lillie, leading her inside the huge dome-like laboratory.

Lillie traces her slender fingers on the cold, metal wall surrounding the laboratory. "So this is where you hide."

Ethan sheepishly rubbed his neck. "I wouldn't call it a hiding place, but a simple refuge for me to relax and do some 'stuffs'."

Stuffs, huh. There are a lot of different trinkets lying around that no normal person would call 'stuff'.

The place looked like it belong to the future. Electronic devices were everywhere, interesting blueprints carelessly thrown on the floor.

Speaking of blueprints, Lillie picked one and scanned it.

It said, 'Project Artificial Intelligence: Lillie Flower'.

But the 'Lillie' was tampered and was changed into 'Little'.

"So this is where you developed Ai."

Ethan, who was too busy cleaning the place, didn't notice Lillie picking Ai's blueprints. When he hear her speak of it, he appeared in front of her and snatched it.

His ears flushed red as he hid the paper behind him. "Y-you don't take things like this so suddenly!" He stammered.

Lillie was surprised that paper disappeared from her grasp. Then when she saw Ethan's fl.u.s.tered demeanor, she couldn't help but burst into a fit of soft laughter.

Ethan averted his head to side, his cheeks slightly puffing; feeling more embarrassed.

But, his eyes did not left Lillie's laughing face. That cute, carefree smile and laugh...

She looks even more beautiful.

As if being infected by her mood, Ethan let out a chuckled.

Ethan was aware that Lillie's slowly changing for the better. That distant woman he met at restaurant was opening up to him, no longer pushing him away.

"What did I miss?"

The two turned their heads up at the huge screen, displaying Ai's cute face as she stare at them with curiosity.

Ai's animated face brightened at the sight of her mother. "Mommy!"

Lillie's face softened and smiled at the little girl. "Nice to see you again, Ai."

Ai was feeling ecstatic to see her inside the place where she was createdin her case, home. Ai began to chat with her mother about the events that happened in this place.

Like Ethan's most embarrassing moments, the things he utters to himself when he thought that no one was watching.

"And then he said"

"Alright, that's enough. You had your fun." Ethan pressed Ai's mute button.

Ai's avatar was stunned, before lashing out. Though it was useless since she was muted, it's still funny to see her soundlessly scream.

Lillie shook her head.

This attitude, it certainly did not come from her.

"Ethan, I need to talk to her." She said.

Ethan gave Ai a pointed look, which she repaid by sticking her tongue out, before unmuting her.

"Ai, I need you to infiltrate Azure Tortoise's system and check their activities." This was the first time Lillie snuck into Azure Tortoise's base.

In the first place, the two lady boss had no personal vendetta against one another.

White Bird's mortal enemy was Vermillion Dragon, and Black Tiger was her most trusted ally.

While Azure Tortoise remained a neutral party.

There were times the two would come into agreements. And there were times they are of opposing sides.

Overall, Azure Tortoise was not a problem.

Not until yesterday.

She chose that fake's side, and Lillie would make sure she regrets it.

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