Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 154

Volume 2 Chapter 154: Road Trip

"Azure Tortoise? Hmm...this might take me a while." Ai admitted.

Infiltrating Azure Tortoise's system is tough, but not impossible.

Her system's defense and firewall is top notchedprobably equal to White Bird'sthat it'll take Ai a week to completely have access to it, without being noticed.

That damn reptile have a hard shell to crack, hence her title 'Azure Tortoise'.

"Don't worry, I will have my people help you." She might need Red Raven and Haruka's help for faster results.

"En!" Ai nodded, animated fire appeared on her eyes.

Ethan and Lillie stayed inside the laboratory for a couple of hours as they discussed their plan with Ai.

Lillie called the Elders for an emergency meeting at White Bird's base.

They switched the car to one of Ethan's big bikes, that he always kept in his laboratory for some certain purposes.

Then, Lillie changed into a black, body fitting, turtleneck sweater and a plain white jeans. She discarded her high heels and changed into a pair of flats that she had on the car.

Lillie tends to bring a pair comfortable shoes since she's always wearing heels. Even for her, wearing high heels all day beats her feet into a bloody pulp.

Ethan casually removed his blazer and tie, leaving him with his black shirt, then topped it with a leather jacket and pairing it with a worn out jeans. The clothes were from his Vermillion Dragon daysfortunately, it did not have an insignia.

Since he came from the office yesterday, Ethan was wearing his oxford shoes. To change, he wore a pair of worn out, white vansthat dated back to his high school years.

They were really uncomfortable, since he's bigger now. Regardless, he cannot risk being identified because of some damn shoes.

She Gu and Azure Tortoise's people might be everywhere, still looking for them.

Lillie did not brought her phoenix mask, nor did Ethan brought his. They ended up wearing full face helmets with black, tinted visor.

As long as they cover their faces, they're good to go.

Before leaving, Lillie bid her farewell to her pseudo daughter. "See you later, Ai."

"Hm! I'll see you at the base!" Ai happily waved her hands. The monitor turned off, as well as the lab's light.

The big bike roared into life when Ethan turned on the switch. Lillie sat behind him, wrapping her arms around his hard abdomen.



The wheels screeched through the pavement as they zoomed out of the forest and through the highway.

Since they drove off into a different city, it will take them hours to reach White Bird's base. Eventually, they needed to stop and take a break from time to time.

"This has been one of the most troublesome days I've ever experienced." Lillie grunted, as they stopped on a gas station.

Chuckling, Ethan patted her head affectionally. "Hang in there. We'll arrive soon."

As they were waiting for the gas to fill the tank, the convenience store in the gas station caught Lillie's attention.

Ethan followed her line of sight. "You want to buy something?" He asked.

"I'll be back in a bit." She said, without waiting for his response.

Ethan blinked, puzzled.

"Ah, ma'am, you cannot enter the store wearing your helmet" The guard was immediately left speechless when Lillie showed him a badge.

The guard soundlessly opened the glass door for her. His hands shook in fear at the familiar item, and knew clearly that he should leave her alone.

Official members of the Underworld each have an item so that they could be identified as one.

For example, Lillie showed him a black badge that was shaped as a skull with horns sprouting on its head.

That badge is also known as the Devil's ticket.

High ranking members of the Underworld have them, and only four individuals are known to posses one.

How did he knew this? Well, Demons are everywhere, and anyone.

Some choose to hide their identities, while others don't.

Like this guy Lillie was approaching inside the store.

"What are you doing here?"

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