Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 155

Volume 2 Chapter 155: Making Sure Theres No Evidence

Death turn around and saw a woman wearing a helmet.

He was not someone who hides his identity like Lillie, but he doesn't blatantly expose himself as the God of Death. As already mentioned before, anyone who knew his identity don't live long to tell the taleexemptions to his co-Reapers, close friends and family.

"What are you doing here?" The woman asked.

Death tilted his head, confused. "Do I know you?"

Lillie smacked his head without warning.

"Ow!" He yelped. "Son of a bithat hurts! Who the hell are you, woman?!" That hit was really strong, and really familiar.

Lillie sighed; The helmet must've muffled her voice.

His sharp eyebrows furrowed, anticipating for the woman's answer. He observed as she removed the leather glove on her right hand and spread her palm.

As one of Great Master Wei's only two disciples, only them can see the almost invisible inscriptions on her hand.

Death spluttered the ch.i.p.s he was eating.

*cough cough! hak!*

Behind her helmet, Lillie rolled her eyes and sighed. "It's a coincidence to see you here."

Letting out one more fit of coughing, a gasp for air followed.

With a deadpanned expressionbehind her helmetLillie said, "Stop being so dramatic."

"You! Just be honest, you wanted to kill me, don't you?!" His finger pointed in accusation.

"Oh my, am I that obvious?"

Death's jaw dropped in disbelief, his finger wavered. "Y-you..." How could you treat your kind Senior brother like this!

In frustration, he casually grab a water bottle from the store's fridge and greedily gulp downignoring the store clerk's dumbfounded look.

He wiped his lips and sighed, relieved from the sharp shards of ch.i.p.s stuck in his throat.

"Are you done?" Lillie's voice resounded behind him. Turning around to face his Junior sister, he send her a half-hearted glare.

"Why are you here?" He whispered.

"I told you, it's a coincidence. We're on our way to the base."


Lillie averted her head to the side, pointing at the gas station. Peaking from the shelves, he looked outside and saw a man leaning on his big bike.

His head was also concealed by a black helmet, much like Lillie's.

Death immediately recognized Ethan. He eyed his Junior sister with an unvoiced question.

"After you're done with whatever business you have here, go back to the nest. Don't let anyone see you there." The tone of her voice was enough to make Death alarmed.

This matter...is not something you can ignore.

He responded with a nod.

Without anymore discussion, Lillie turned around. As she was about to leave, she glanced at the cameras around the convenience store.

Death knew what to do.


After waiting for Lillie to come back after a few minutes, he saw her walking backwith a plastic bag full of snacks and drinks.

"We'll need these for later." She raised the bag for him to see. Ethan did not see anything suspicious with her actions.

Either he was not suspicious or he choose not to ask her.

Unbeknownst to Lillie, Ethan had been staring inside the store for quite a while, and did not missed the familiar white-haired man peaking from one of the shelves.

He was not hard to miss.

"Let's go." Lillie said.

Ethan started the engine.

The two left with a loud screech coming from the wheels scratching the ground as a trail of dust followed.

The big bike have not taken them far, and so the loud series of gun shots that came from the place did not escaped Ethan's ears.

He did not glanced back; as he already have a speculation on who caused the commotion.

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