Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 156

Volume 2 Chapter 156: An Eye For An Eye

"Who goes there!"

Ethan and Lillie were blocked by armed men as they arrived in front of the organization's base, and demanded their identities.

Red, cold eyes glared at them. "Settle down, it's us." Lillie's visor was open. The rest of the helmet covered her lower face, thus only showing her eyes.

Ethan displayed them a silver badge that was carved into a dragon. A detailed inscription of the 'White Bird' name rested below the dragon's body, emphasizing that he belonged to the organization.

The men lowered their weapons and composed themselves into a bow.

"Welcome back, Boss, Silver Dragon!" They greeted in unison.

The large metal gates opened with loud creaking. Surrounded by a large, highly armed and secured wall, the White Bird Organization's headquarters stood tall and proud.

Ethan stopped by the building's entrance. Lillie came down first as she waited for him to park.

Ethan jogged back to her after that and the two came together, still wearing their helmets. Because of this, they attracted attention from the other members of the organization.

They do not know who they were; new members perhaps?

Shrugging, they choose to ignore them and continue on their work.

The couples liked not being flocked, so it was a good change for them.

Only when the others noticed Lillie place her palm on the elevatorthat can only be used by White Bird and the Eldersdid they realized who she was.

When Lillie and Ethan turned around, they saw that almost everyone had their eyes on them. The White Bird Demons [1] stood there, motionless, as if they felt the eyes behind the tinted visor penetrate their soul.

The elevator slowly closed.

Everyone: "....?!"


The two Devils entered the office. Lillie opened her closet and pulled out a mask identical to her phoenix mask, but with black and red linings.

She gave Ethan a mask that every White Bird Demons [1] have. The mask was silver with gold linings, and the shape was that of a bird spreading its wings, soaring above.

After the two have changed from their helmets into a proper mask, they came down a floor where the conference room was located.

When they arrived, they saw almost every Elder on their designated chairs.

Red Raven, Enyo, Silent Death, Killer Jack and Jill, and Thousand Face Succubi.

Elliot was not present because of the matter at the company.

In total, White Bird have ten Elders.

There were two members that are not seen quite usually, or never at all.

She Lei is still within She Gu's territory, spying on his actions. The only time he came inside the White Bird HQ is when the war between the fake Vermillion Dragon happened.

As for Jessica, she's the most cautious because of her standing in the society.

As a well-known lawyer, her plate must be very clean. Or else, the government will be hot on her trace.

"I'm sure everyone had been informed that Silver Dragon and I were almost attacked in our human forms [2]." Lillie begun. "We were targeted by Vermillion Dragon and Azure Tortoise. We have been unfortunate to be marked by one of her shells so it was truly lucky for us to escape unscathed."

The Elders who did not knew of this incident had their blood seethe with fury.

How dare they attack their boss!

They shall pay! An eye for an eye!

Lillie saw everyone's reaction and spoke once again to appease their anger. "As compensation for such lovely gift, the White Birds are giving a special 'treatment' to our lovely reptiles, that I'm sure everyone here is familiar of."

Now this made them happy.

Very happy.

"The party in the Netherworld Hotel is nearing. That place will be used to our advantage with She Gu's dealings." A devilish smile curled on White Bird's red tainted lips, sending shivers to everyone present in the room.

White Bird was smiling.

"My dear Elders, I think it's time for the Black Egg to hatch."

Prepare to meet your doom!

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