Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 157

Volume 2 Chapter 157: Playing With The Snake

She Gu paced back and forth in front of the laboratory where Yu Mei was contained.

For days, he cannot contact Master Yang. This caused him to feel restless.

He was worried of what will happen to Yu Mei's case. Her vitals were going haywire, and her body temperature was abnormally high, it's unbelievable.

She Gu usually had no time to check up on matter like this, as he had Master Yang to look out for him. But now here he was waiting for his organization's medical unit to send him results.

And as if on cue, the doors opened.

The head doctor had a grim expression and said, "It's as what the Master have said. If the girl did not consume the Black Egg, she will die."

She Gu gritted his teeth, his fist clenched and strike the man's head. "Useless! All of you are useless!" He roared.

"I ordered you to find an alternative cure for her! I ordered you to find something to ease her crazy banter until the Black Egg is available in the market!"

The doctor winced in pain from the blow. He opened his mouth to explain. "B-but boss, Master Yang was the only one who knew how to stabilize her.."

"If he can do it, why can't you?!" She Gu smacked the man's head in anger.

"If that girl dies before I get my hands on the Black Egg, all of you will join her!" She Gu threatened before stomping away.

She Gu had wasted his men and resources just to have that girl. He wasted money just to hire Master Yang to heal her!

He wasted so much! And if that girl dies, it'll be all for naught!

That damn, senile old man, how dare he back out from their agreement!

As for his new ally, that b*tch, Azure Tortoise, had the guts to ignore him when he needed her.

She wasn't answering his calls, she wasn't in her base.

Where the f*ck is she?!

"Father." Someone called from his back.

She Gu glared at whoever it was, but when he saw it was She Lei, he tried to calm himself and wear a gentle smile.

"Lei-er, forgive your father, I was not in a good mood you see."

She Lei gave his father a reassuring smile. "Father does not need to apologize, I know how your day has been. It's just that, I hope father would not forget to take care of his health." He said, like the filial son he is.

She Gu let out a hearty laugh. "Haha! This son is truly kind. You don't need to worry, these old bones of mine can still snap someone's neck off!"

Chuckling at the humor, She Lei patted his father's shoulder. "I see, I see, father is indeed strong."

"What's with that tone, young man? What, you don't believe me?" She Gu jokingly glared at his favorite son.

She Lei raised his hands in mock surrender. "I wouldn't dare! Father is stronger that a hundred horses combined!"

"Ahaha! You really know how to make your father happy! Come, come, let's eat together at your favorite restaurant!"

"Woah really? Then I should compliment father everyday to have a free meal!"

She Gu gently pinched his son's arm. "Aiya, this boy. You know how to con your father now, ah!"

She Lei was sheepishly laughing on the outside. But on the inside, he was stabbing this old fool with a blunt blade hundreds of times!

He really wanted to kill him.

Soon, this b*stard will have his own disgusting blood spilled.

But for the meantime, the Bird will have to play with the Snake.

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