Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 158

Volume 2 Chapter 158: Mother Daughter Bonding Time

Since She Gu and Azure Tortoise's attacks were postponed by 'unforeseen' events, Lillie and Ethan can safely go back to their home and to their companies.

Lillie have been distracted by paperworks when her office door bursted open.

"Ma chri!" Her mother's lovely voice greeted her with enthusiasm.

Her guts told her it's one of those troublesome days where her mother forces her to do something 'energetic'.

"Guess what day it is today?" Mother Bai's eyes brimmed with delight; face moving too close for comfort.

Lillie's hand blocked her and gently moved her face back. "It's Monday, and I'm busy. What is it?"

Mother Bai grinned, "Well..."

"I think it's finally time that you prepare for your wedding, isn't it?" Lillie didn't even open her mouth yet when Mother Bai added.

"We'll stop at the boutique for your measurements todaynot that I have forgotten my own daughter's measurementsit's just so you could see my greatest piece of wedding dresses that I made just for you!" She said without stopping to breathe.

Lillie was stunned. With all the problems arising in the Underworld, and the matters she needed to finish in the company, she completely forgot that there is a wedding that will take place in just a few months!

You really can't blame her. At first, she was so caught of with trying to break free from Ethan's disobedient hands.

Then when she found out that he's actually her mysterious high school suitor and that he was the real Vermillion Dragon, her focus totally changed course and sunk in deep into the Underworld's matter.

But, Lillie cannot leave everything she worked painstakingly hard for years.

She have plans.

The wedding preparations can wait.

There are still enemies lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment where her guard is lowered to strike.

With a tired sigh, Lillie replied, "I'm afraid I'll be too busy for these few weeks. The preparations can wait." In an apologetic tone.

The shimmers in Mother Bai's eyes dimmed, her shoulders drooped in disappointment. "I see....I understand..."

Lillie internally groaned when her mother used the guilt-card.

"I'll just be in my studio, waiting for you to turn up, waiting to finally see my precious daughter in her wedding dress that her poor mother had designed without rest and proper sleep..." Mother drawled a long, dejected sigh.

Lillie's eyes twitched. There's no escaping her, is there?

Pressing the intercom, she called for Elliot.

In just a few seconds, Elliot came in. "Yes miss?"

"Is it possible to postpone the visit the construction site of Escaping Reality's branch?" When she said this, Mother Bai's eyes lifted in expectations.

Elliot tapped something on his tablet. "According to the head engineer, miss should be able to visit at any day of the week." He said, reading the message.

"I see..." Lillie slowly muttered, stealing a glance at her mother and saw the glim in her eyes back.

Shaking her head, Lillie instructed Elliot to inform the head engineer that she'll be visiting on a later date.

"Will that be all?" Elliot asked.

"Mother and I will be going out for a while to..." Lillie hesitated with her answer before saying, "...help her catch Gabriel."

Mother Bai: "...I said that?"

"Oh." Elliot uttered, completely believing what she said.

"For the meantime, you're in charge." She stood from her chair and grabbed her coat and added, "You know what to do."

Elliot leaned forward for a bow, "Yes, miss."

Mother Bai clasped an arm around Lillie's in delight, as she eagerly pulled her out of the office she dubbed as "tedious".

"Oh I'm so excited!" She chirped, scramming out of the office while dragging her unenthusiastic daughter.

Elliot was left inside the office with a puzzled look.

Why does it feel like it's not about "catching Gabriel"?

Shrugging, Elliot picked the unfinished paperworks his boss left and began to read them one by one.

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