Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 159

Volume 2 Chapter 159: Picturing Herself As His Wife

WPE employees abruptly stopped what they were doing when a...peculiar scene of their She-Devil CEO being casually dragged by her mother, Fashion Queen Agathe, through the lobby.

Who would've thought that even the ferocious She-Devil had such effect to her mother.

CEO Bai is truly a filial daughter, they can't help but sigh.

Mother Bai then marched towards the waiting area, where two familiar people sat by the couches.

Li Yi Fei glanced away from her phone when she caught sight of the two and excitedly exclaimed, "Sister-in-law!"

Mrs. Li lifted her eyes and gave the two a smile. "Just what on Earth took you so long?"

Mother Bai playfully stuck her tongue out and winked. "Well, I may have visited Alex first before going down."

Lillie wanted to roll her eyes, knowing what her mother did in her father's office.

If you're thinking of kinky thoughts, forget it.

Mother Bai simply flaunt her "Free Schedule" to her "Very Busy" husband, and on how she would "Bail" their daughter from "Work" and join her to "Relax".

Bullied by his wife, Father Bai cried, and begged his wife to take him with them.

With a mischievous smirk, she mused, "Girls only~"

At that moment, President Bai wailed.

His secretary watched the whole scene with a straight face.

What a sight...

Alexander Clark Bai, the founder and president of one the most successful company world-wide, bawled his eyes out when his wife bullied him.

These two....

Is that what married couple do when they're together? Tease each other?

Hmm....It doesn't sound like a bad idea, Lillie thought.

An image suddenly appeared in her mind. Her and Ethan...happily married.

Doting on each other, teasing each other...simply making each other happy and loved.

Not a bad idea at all.

Unconsciously, a small smile crept on her pink lips.

The two ladies were too busy with their conversation. As for the youngest one, she was astonished.

Sister-in-law's smile...can KO anyone instantly!

Simply too beautiful!

When Mother Bai turned to look at her daughter, the smile was already gone. "Shall we go?"


Yi Fei, still in a daze, stood motionless for a while until Mrs. Li patted her shoulder with a curious look. "What's wrong?"

Being awoken from her trance, Yi Fei stared at her mother before snickering with an I-saw-something-you-didn't look.

Mrs. Li ruffled her daughter's hair and sighed. "I hope you'll find someone to bear your childishness."

When her mother said that, an image appeared in her mind.

With a giggle she said to herself, "I already did."

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