Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 162

Volume 2 Chapter 162 161: Scheming

(Short Author's Note: Sorry for the long wait! After the exams, there are still a lot of Performance Tasks to do so it took me much longer to update than I expected. Thank you for being patient with me and for sending me lots of love. My heart is bursting with joy! hope you enjoy this chapter )


Tension brewed inside HL Corp's guest lounge. After being notified by Assistant Yu of this smiling idiot's presence, Ethan did not know what he was thinking when he came down to greet this 'peculiar' guest.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded.

Wei Fang's smile did not left his face. "Now, now, Mr. Li, no need to be so stiff. I just came here with a...proposition."

"I'm not interested."

"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. You haven't listen to it yet."

"I'm. Not. Interested." Ethan repeated with more force.

Wei Fang raised his hands, "Even if it's about Thea?"

Ethan's eyes narrowed, his expression evidently darkened his devilish face.

How dare this bastard call his wife with so much familiarity?

"I already know everything that concerns 'my wife'. I'm sure what you're about to tell is a matter I already know." Ethan smirked when he saw the smile fade from Wei Fang when he emphasized that Lillie is his wife...soon.

Wei Fang hid that he was affected by brushing it off with a smile once again.

"Oh? What if I tell you I know who were the real perpetrator behind the incident that happened to Thea ten years ago?"

At the mere utter of what happened to Lillie that day, Ethan's blood immediately seethed.

His pupils dilated.

Assistant Yu gasped in fear and surprise when her boss grabbed their guest's collar, slamming him on the floor.

Mr. Li has not once let his calm demeanor down. Even when he's in an unforeseen situation, he would never lash out onto someone.

Wei Fang grunted in pain. He was sure that his back was bruised from the impact.

"I see what you're up to, Wei Fang. If you continue this idle talk, I'll make sure it'll be the end of you." Ethan's fists clenched tightly on his collar, his air path being slowly compressed by the pressure.

Despite being in an uncomfortable situation, Wei Fang still had the audacity to chuckle.

"Caught...your interest...now, Mr. Li?" He breathlessly snarked the seething dragon.

Something's not right, Ethan thought as his eyes did not left this damnable man. He knew Wei Fang since they were children. Althought he paid no mind to him every time he and his father Mr. Wei visited the company, he would still observe him like a hawk to his prey.

And this Wei Fang below him, is really strange....it was as if....it was a completely different person.

"Leave." He growled, harshly releasing his death grip on the man. His cuffs and shirt wrinkled from the unforeseen action.

Having some of his rationality and composure back, he glanced at the man below as his soothe his suit.

"Unless you're courting death, I suggest you not show your face to me or my wife again." His icy, dark voice sends a shiver down to anyone's spine.

The old him was slowly resurfacing. That merciless youngster that the people of the Underworld called Vermillion Dragon, the most ruthless among the Demons.

The old him he particularly tried to forget....for 'her' sake.

Wei Fang nonchalantly sat up, rubbing his throat. "Hmm...our paths will surely cross sooner or later, Mr. Li."

His steps did not faltered. Assistant Yu frantically followed behind, "Mr. Li, should I call the security?" She asked anxiously.

"He'll show himself out." He indifferently said.

Entering his office once more, he asked Yu Ming Lian to leave him for a while.

Ming Lian gave her boss a final worried look, before closing the doors behind her, leaving Ethan alone with his troubled mind.

An exasperate sigh escaped his lips. Clasping his hands, he leaned his chin onto them.

That sly fox's aberrant behavior caused a turmoil in his analyzation.

After retracing and searching for answers, a final conclusion emerged.

It's likely the answer but, what would his condition be of any help when unraveling his plans?

The possibilities of Wei Fang knowing about the incident more than him, or maybe even Lillie, antagonized his brain.

He pondered if he should tell this unforeseen event to Lillie. But considering that he'll be opening that excruciating moments of her life once more, he was hesitant.

He didn't want her to remember, he didn't want her to go back to that awful case.

But if Wei Fang was telling the truth? Then that bastard who mad his wife suffer is still living their life freely without any worry.

Adding fuel to his burning wrath, that bastard must still be watching his wife's movements behind whatever hellhole he came from, scheming and finding another perfect time to strike her down.

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