Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 163

Volume 2 Chapter 163 162: A Day At The Mall

After having the wedding gown packed and secured in safe keeping, Mother Bai suggested to spend the rest of the day at the mall.

Inside the mall, if you saw these ladies walked in, it's impossible not to give them a glance.

As they were too eye-catchy because of their unrivaled beauties and dignified auras, people did not need to think twice before concluding that these ladies came from a highly distinguished family.

Mother Bai has always been the favorite of the camera because of her profession, while Lillie just had her identity exposed recently and almost half of Earth's population had already seen what she really looked like.

For these celebrity mother-daughter duo, they had to put on disguises.

Being rarely seen in public could also be an advantage.

Nonetheless, their disguises did not diminished even a minuscule of their unparalleled beauty.

"Ohh! Let's go there, their dresses looks nice." Mother Bai pulled everyone inside a high-end store.

"Nice?" Yi Fei questionably muttered to herself and glanced at the clothes and their price-tags.


What store could have your "looks great" response except for your own?!

Mrs. Bai, your standard's just too heaven-defying!

"Auntie, why do you buy clothes from other brands when your Dazzling Castle have everything?" This question needed an answer to sate her curiosity.

Mother Bai giggled and said, "Not all of our clothes comes from me, darling. Just the important ones like for special occasions and some business attires. Plus, I also enjoy shopping from other brands, their taste is not bad."

Yi Fei did not know why, but the last sentence seemed to drip a bit of arrogance from the Fashion Queen.

Then Mother Bai's last word almost crumbled Yi Fei's reasonable thinking.

"Besides, haven't you heard the term 'give chance to others'?"


Lillie and her future mother-in-law stood from the sideline as they watched Mother Bai's shamelessness.

Mrs. Li pitied her daughter for having to be a victim of her good friend's...tendencies.

When the left the store, the sales ladies all appeared to be glowing from happiness.

"Thank you for shopping! Please come back again!" When our store is fully restocked.

A true shopping maniac is the new title Yi Fei had for Mother Bai.

The items Mother Bai were collected by some of the hidden bodyguards. Even these burly and stoic men in black struggled with so many paper bags and boxes. The mountain of boxes they had to balance almost covered their view.

"Just bring these back to the mansion, these at Tranquil Villa, and these at the Li's residence." Mother Bai swiftly ordered. "I don't think I'll be buying anything that many again, so you're free to go back to your stations."

The men in black contemplated. After years of service with the Bai family, they knew the madam like the back of their hands.

Nevertheless, she's the boss and they have to comply.

"Agathe, why are you sending some of the items to the Li mansion?" Mrs. Li questioned.

"Lucy dear, those are gifts! We'll be family soon so there's no need to be shy." She playfully nudged her friend.

With a sigh, Mrs. Li knew there's no arguing once she made up her mind.

"Fine. But you have to let me compensate by treating you with lunch!"

"Fine by me." Mother Bai grinned, food is always best served free.

Lillie rolled her eyes. Mother conned someone to treat her food again.

Though, can this be considered as conning someone to treat you food? Well, it does when it comes to Mother Bai.

Lillie remembered all the times when her dear mother would pretend to be sick just so that she would cook for her.

And no one can deny how much of an amazing cook Lillie is.

Ethan even took great lengths of having the food Lillie made for him for the first time photographed then framed and hanged on his office's wall!

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