Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 164

Volume 2 Chapter 164 163: Cunning Mother Bai

The ladies arrived in front of a five Michelin star Chinese restaurant, Zodiac.

This restaurant has been here longer than Lillie could remember. They served amazing dishes that came only from extremely high quality ingredients.

The five Michelin star is truly deserving of such place.

Of course, the price is also heaven-defying. You want a great quality meal? You must check your wallet first!

Even an egg fried rice could cost you 500 dollars!

Still up for it? Well, it's a good thing these ladies could eat here as many time as they want without giving their bank account a dent.

"Welcome to Zodiac!" It was the manager herself who greeted them personally.

After being notified beforehand that Mrs. Li and co would be dining here, the manager immediately prepared the VIP room for them.

The Head Chef was already inside waiting, to personally receive their orders.

In Zodiac, who wouldn't know the great madam, Han Ru Shi?

Still thinking?

Well, Mrs. Li is simply the owner of this place.

Only a few knew this.

And the cunning Mrs. Bai knew, without anyone telling her.

*sigh* The things people do for good food...

"Shi-er, Agathe! Welcome, welcome!" A jolly elderly man greeted Mrs. Li and Mother Bai as they entered the VIP room.

"Yy [1], it's been a while."

"Hello again, yy." Mother Bai waved, enthusiastically.

"Oh? Is that Fei-er I see?" The elderly man's eyes twinkled when he saw another familiar face.

"Nice to see you again, yy." Yi Fei grinned, also giving him a hug.

"Haha! Look how much you've grown! Tell me, how many boys do I need to boil so that they leave you alone, hm?"

Yi Fei almost choked at this statement and let out a nervous laugh.

"No boys, yy, no boys." She reassured.

However, the elderly man's eyes is still sharper as the knife he uses in the kitchen. He had seen this child grow and knew her really well.

"Is that so..."

To save her dear daughter from being interrogated, Mrs. Li averted the elderly man's attention to Lillie.

"Yy, I want to introduce you to someone." Yi Fei threw her mother a grateful look.


"I believe you haven't met Agathe's daughter yet." When the elderly man saw Lillie, his eyes widen.

"Lillie, this is Master Zhuo Quan, Zodiac's Head Chef and co-owner. Yy, this is my future daughter-in-law, Lillie Bai."

"Nice to meet you, Master Zhuo." Lillie greeted him with a polite smile.

"A-ah ehm..." Master Zhuo was speechless. He had seen this lass a few times already in his restaurant.

He knew that she's a businesswoman, and she would book a VIP room for her and some other important looking guests.

At some point, he would personally serve her one of his most best dishes. This lass has been nothing but polite and kind to him.

She was respectful and would compliment his dishesquite rarely seen when it came to rich folks that dines here.

That's why he hated coming out of his kitchen.

At some other occasions, she would eat by herself.

But the most eventful one was that she came here along with the young master Ethan!

He immediately assumed that they were just business partners! Them being a couple did not crossed his mind one bit!

Who would've thought that this beautiful lady was that stinky boy's betrothed!

Stinky boy, you found yourself a dame!

This has elevated Master Zhuo's mood tremendously. And when he's in an extremely good mood, expect the food he'll cook to follow his temperament.

"Hoho! This calls for a celebration! I, Zhuo Quan, will serve you a feast of my most finest creation!" He announced before rushing towards his kitchen.

A quiet chuckle caught Lillie's attention. Glancing at her side, she saw Mother Bai with a familiar smile on her face.

Lillie finally realized her mother's plan.

Not only did Mother Bai foresaw that she would make Mrs. Li treat them lunch at the most famous Chinese restaurant, she also expected that the news Mrs. Li would tell Master Zhuo would lift his mood to the heavens.

And Mother Bai knew how Master Zhuo's food taste when he's in a good mood.

What a cunning woman indeed.

Still wondering where Lillie got her craftiness?

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