Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 165

Volume 2 Chapter 165 163: Unrequited Love

The sky has been shrouded by darkness. Unfortunately, the fun for today is already over.

Mother Bai reluctantly let go of her daughter and had her dropped off to the company to tend to the paperworks Father Bai asked her to approve.

"It's already late. How could your father make you go back just to sign some damn papers?" Mother grumbled, thinking of a plan to 'punish' that cold-hearted husband of hers.

If Father Bai heard this, he would cry blood. "Wife, you have wronged me! This was the paperworks our daughter needed to finish before you snatched her!"

"Don't think too much, mother." Lillie knew what was on her mother's mind. "These are needed first thing tomorrow."

Mother Bai pouted when Lillie told the driver to go back to the Bai residence, not even letting her mother retaliate.

Lillie entered her office to see Elliot at the corner of her desk. There was a cup of warm tea beside the neatly stacked papers.

Elliot had already arranged them on her desk, only waiting to be signed.

The two did not speak, as the silent conversation in their eyes was already enough.

*zzt zzt*

Hearing something vibrated, Elliot automatically threw his eyes at the sound.

And a sight had caused his eyes widen to widen.


What could've made her smile so sweetly?

Lillie was not aware of her expression nor Elliot's reaction as she was too engrossed at the message and a photo sent on her phone.

[Jie jie, I hope you don't mind but I took a photo of you in your wedding gown. I couldn't help it, you look really beautiful and happy] It was Yi Fei.

Seeing herself once again in that beautiful gown, the eagerness to officially wear it made feel like a little girl.

And as for the gently smile she was displaying...it melts the hearts of anyone who sees it.

She was eager to show it to Ethan but her mother and future mother-in-law warned her beforehand. Being quite old fashion, these ladies believe of the old saying that the groom cannot see his bride in her wedding dress until she walks on the altar.

As someone with a logical mindset mixed with scientific reasoning, Lillie obviously doesn't believe in superstitions.

But since she was 'explicitly' told not to, she had no choice but to comply.

Really, these two dignified monarchs do not take no for an answer.

Now Lillie knows how potent these ladies could get once they joined powers.

"Uhm, miss?" Lillie was awaken from her reverie when Elliot's voice slowly called.


"The paperworks?" It's not that Elliot was rushing her, he's just worried because it's almost 12am. It'll take her probably an hour to drive back home.

She wouldn't get enough sleep again.

Although, she could always sleep on her office's bedroom but after she and Ethan moved in together, Lillie did not fail to go home...to him.

It ached his heart, but he long accepted that his affection would not be returned. He could only hope that Mr. Li would not let this wonderful woman go.

Elliot had slowly retreated and moved on.

"Oh, right." Lillie coughed, a bit embarrassed to be witnessed in that state. Lifting her fountain pen, she began to move her wrist in a graceful stroke on the papers.

This continued for about 30 minutes until she put down her pen.

A tired yawn escaped from her lips. She instinctively grabbed her coat and put it on. Elliot, who was accompanying her the whole night, stood up from the couch.

"Are you going home, miss?"


His eyes glanced down to his wrist watch. It was already twelve.

"I'll drive you home." He offered.

Lillie shook her head and reassured him, "It's fine, I can still drive." She then placed her hand on his shoulder. "You can go straight home. I know how tired you are, Elliot."

His brows were furrowed but a gently smile was on display. He sighed. There's no room for argument.

Then, he opened the door.

"Shall we go then?" He said, before quickly adding, "Since we'll both be going to the parking lot."


Lillie did not managed to answer properly when her phone rang.


Elliot noted how she immediately answered when she looked at the caller's name.

"En....alright, I'll be waiting." With that, she ended the call.

"You can ahead. Ethan will pick me up."

Elliot paused by this statement. Nonetheless, he was relieved.

"I'll escort you to the lobby then."


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