Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 166

Volume 2 Chapter 166 164: Spoil Him A Bit

Elliot had left Lillie at the lobby after she insisted for him to go home and rest.

The building was quiet and a bit dark. The securities roaming the facility tipped their hats and greeted her when they saw her.

Lillie acknowledged them with a nod.

Besides the securities, you will not see other employees working overtime.

It's rare but not unseen.

There are still those who we call nocturnals.

Letting out another soft yawn, Lillie leaned her head on the couch and closed her eyes.

But don't be fooled. No matter how tired she is or even when she closes her eyes, her senses are still on alert.

So when familiar arms wrapped themselves around her upper and lower body, her eyes remained closed. Lillie felt herself up the air as she was carried.

"Sorry for being late." His deep, husky voice tickled her ears. Lillie instinctively leaned closer, his soothing scent filling her nostrils.

"Hmm..." She could only hum in response as his mere presence was able to boost her sleepiness.

"Sleep. I'll take care of you." It was as if he casted her a magic spell, Lillie had finally succ.u.mbed to a sweet dream.

Knowing full well that she's is good hands.

When the sun has risen up, the light had seeped through the dr.a.p.es and directly hitting Lillie in the eyes.

It alerted her consciousness, thus causing her to stir up. Lillie became aware of the body caging her in his arms.

Lillie snuggled closer to his warm body. Due to her movement, she felt him wrap his arms around her tighten.

"Ethan, you had gone bold." She muttered but only received a hum.

After a minute of comfortable silence, he said, "I need a bit of spoiling."

Her lips curved in amus.e.m.e.nt. "Is that so..." She chuckled. "Alright."

Ethan's eyes fluttered open. A debonair grin appeared on his sleepy yet devilish face. "No take backs." He said, pulling her so that she lies on his chest.

His large hand held hers, and raised it to kiss her palm.

"Good morning."

"Hm...good morning." Her heart flutters. This feeling was still unfamiliar to her but...she wouldn't want it to part.

Ethan hope that this will last forever but he'll be a fool if he believe it will.

The matter about yesterday resurfaced in his mind and it made his calmness to waver. Of course, it didn't escape Lillie's eyes.

"Is something wrong?"

"...it's nothing."

He silently cursed. He hesitated, Lillie will not let him off now.

Lillie leaned her elbow on the bed, placing the side of her head on her palm. "Spill." She demanded.

Ethan sighed.

"Later." He said before pulling Lillie once again in his arms, his leg on top of hers.

"...?!" This man's getting bolder and bolder, ah!

Unbeknownst to Ethan, Lillie pouted. But since he hid her face on his chest, he failed to see the cute expression she was making.

If he knew, he will cry blood in regret.

Sighing, Lillie yielded. She will let him off for nowsince he asked so nicely to be spoiled by her.

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