Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 167

Volume 2 Chapter 167 165: Storm Is Jealous

Breakfast has been served at Tranquil Villa.

The servants who saw were almost scared to death.

Who wouldn't be surprised when someone saw these two devils go out from one room? These young servants knew that the young miss Bai and young master Li's relationship wasn't 'that' close yet.

It's not that it's wrong to be sleeping in one room with your betrothed, this is not the ancient era. But, these particular couple are a different case.

The first time they moved in together, the tension was noticeable even though they tolerate each other's presence.

However, as weeks gone by, the tension was slowly diminishing.

But since when did these two got close?

Maybe those times they did not go home? Did these two mend their relationship on those days?

That aside...these two just got out from one room!

Will they be expecting a little master or miss running around the household soon?!

Nanny Ying and Butler Tian were the most ecstatic. Butler Tian's wish to see another generation grow up will be granted soon.

As for our couple, they were oblivious of the spreading news in the Tranquil Villa. They ate their breakfast, leisurely enjoying each other's presence.

However, there was one who was the most unhappy in the household.

Storm had the huge snarl in his face. The night his mistress came home, being carried by this stinky human man, made his fur shot up in alarm.

He forced himself to not lash out on this human because his mistress was locked in his arms. Afraid that he might hurt her, Storm halted.

He awaited for this human to put down his mistress on her bedroom before he could bite his legs off.

But what made his rage to go up to the heavens was that this gutsy human dared to lock his mistress' door and did came out.

Storm howled but then remembered his mistress was sleeping.

The whole night, Storm went out to the peach forest behind the Tranquil Villa to let out his wrath.

So today, as soon as these couple exited the bedroom, Storm did not left Lillie's side. Even going as far as to pull her shirt away from Ethan.

Ethan raised his eyebrow at Storm's behavior. As a possessive man, he knew what jealousy looked like as soon as he sees one.

When Storm glanced at Ethan to give him a death glare, he saw him smirkingas if taunting him.

"Awoooo!" Mistress, mistress! Did you see that?! That human's bad news, ah! Stay away from him as far as possible! Better yet, throw him out and let him be eaten by those big wild birds!

Lillie nonchalantly placed down the china teacup. Her right hand then scratched the back of Storm's ear.

"Did someone bullied you, Storm?"

"Awu awu awu!" It's that human man! He bullied me! How dare he steal you from me! Throw him out, throw him out!

"Don't baby him, Lillie. He's a grown dog, who would bully him?"

Dog? Dog?! How dare you compare me to those inferior breed!


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