Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 168

Volume 2 Chapter 168 166: A Demon?

After breakfast, Lillie and Ethan came to the study room.

"This is the perfect time to talk, Ethan." She started. "What happened?"

Knowing that there's nothing else he can do to hide it, Ethan answered honestly.

"Wei Fang happened." He began. "He came to the company yesterday, holding an information even I think neither you knew about."

Something she doesn't know yet Wei Fang does?

"What was it?"

Ethan hesitated. He didn't want Lillie to relieve that awful day.

Opening his hands, he reached out for hers. "It's about that day...."

Lillie's brows furrowed in puzzlement.

Which day?

Seeing that she was confused, Ethan continued. "That incident from ten years ago....he said it was someone else who's behind it."

Ethan felt her hands trembled. He wasn't sure if it's from shock or anger.

Maybe both.

But that dark and icy expression on her meant that there will be an unsightly end to those who receives it.

"Did he now..." Her voice was menacing.

Ethan had only seen the calm and composed side of Lillie. Much like his reaction back at HL Corp, Lillie had a thunderous expression that promised destruction.

Her hands clenched his, as if asking for some solacewhich Ethan gladly gave by kissing her hands and caressing them with his thumb.

"That Wei Fang....was there something 'unusual' going around him when he was talking to you?" Now that she mentioned it, there was something.

He wondered how Lillie knew about that.

"There was." Nodding, he narrated, "I've known him since we were young. He and his father used to visit Hong Long to curry favor with my father and I."

"Even though I tried to ignore him, with his boisterous behavior, he's hard to ignore." He grumbled slightly, remembering a bad memory.

"And when we saw him at Sapphire Blues, he didn't seemed to change. However, yesterday...it's as if he's a completely different person."

Lillie listened to Ethan earnestly. She hummed, her mind in deep thought.

"Did you perhaps...concluded something after that?"

Ethan nodded once more. "His sudden change matched this particular condition."

From his poor memory, to his sudden change of personality. Way back to their middle school years, Lillie knew that Wei Fang had a poor memory. He would often forget their conversation with one another and what they did on a particular day.

Also, he would call her either Thea or Dora.

The Wei Fang who calls her Dora was the cheerful and loud one. And the other one who would call her Thea was quite strange.

He would just smile and stare at her intently.

Also his eyes...there was something strange about them.

Lillie had noticed his strangeness but did not think too much due to her young and foolish mind.

Now that the matter had resurfaced, there's no denying it.

"Multiple personality disorder." She concluded.

"I've ordered some my spies to monitor him. However, there was nothing interesting going around." After the car chase with Azure Tortoise and She Gu's men, everyone from the restaurant was checked and observed. From the guests to the staffs.

Since Wei Fang was inside that restaurant, he did not avoided surveillance from her people. Especially since he was having dinner with Azure Tortoise herself, Ming Ting, and her father.

"It's either he's one slippery worm, or that he's innocent. However, the latter no longer apply since he drew himself out with that information." Lillie rubbed Storm's headwho stubbornly still refuses to leave her mistress' side.

"No one, besides my parents, master, Senior brother, and now you, knew of that incident." Lillie stared directly into his eyes, her cerulean blue eyes slowly changed into ruby red.

"It will take someone of capabilities only belonging in the Underworld to know of such confidentiality." Her eyes narrowed before changing back to their original color.

"You're saying that...he's a Demon?"

Lillie nodded. "What I'm wondering is why would he be telling anyone, especially you, any of this. It's as is he's" She paused, her face evidently darkened.

"He's being suspicious."

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