Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 169

Volume 2 Chapter 169 169: Possessive

The Netherworld Hotel is one of the most famous five star hotels in the country. It's famous for its grand service and extravagant outlook. One cannot help but feel as if royalty when entering this place.

Undoubtedly, the price of this place can cause the common citizens to vomit blood.

But unknown to most people, this hotel is notorious for its underground black market and this is where people from the Underworld gathers for the auction.

So when rows of high class cars goes through a hidden entrance located meters away from the Hotel, no one would know that these were all Demons.

The car can only enter the gates by detecting a chip on the car to determine if you're a legitimate member. If outsiders tried to come in, they will be apprehended immediately and will be dealt accordingly to the Reapers.

The hotel's facilities are extremely strict and cautious, and most of them were also highly trained individuals.

And since this hotel in being backed up by the Reapers, the guests obliviously would not dare cause trouble.

For tonight's gathering, Lillie will not appear as White Bird because of the growing suspicions coming from Wei Fang.

Her people who transported the Black Egg had already entered the underground black market.

Because no one knew that the Black Egg came from the White Bird Organizationexcept the ReapersLillie's people did not wear their uniform and the Reapers themselves were the ones to personally assist them.

She Lei had already contacted her to inform that She Gu and him had arrived along with his elder half brother She Jing, and few of She Gu's elite bodyguards.

Elliot stopped the car by the hotel's entrance and came down first. He opened the car's rear door to let Lillie come down.

The guests who were about to enter the hotel, and the staffs who were assisting them were all frozen from their places; too astound.

Their eyes were fixed on the woman who was donned in a blazing red dress that hugged her slender yet curvaceous body.

The dress stopped at the top of her knees, letting everyone how perfectly long and smooth her legs are.

Every inch of her body and existence contained elegance, grace and peerless beauty. There was no denying that this lady come from a distinguished family.

Lillie stood among the crowd with an air of aloofness surrounding her, not paying the stares any regards as she strode through the hotel's entrance with Elliot towing behind.

The younger female guests stared at her in envy while the older ones sighed as they wished their sons could have this lovely lady as their wife.

As for the males, they couldn't help but ogle at this rare piece of gem. Lecherous thoughts arose from their minds.

The single men were feeling lucky so they took the chance to approach this beauty.

But when they were about to take a step forward, a man suddenly appeared beside her and wrapped his arm around her tiny waist, possessively.

He's clad in a black suit that fitted his tall and lean body perfectly, making all the ladies swoon at the sight of the vampire-like man.

Piercing silver eyes then glared at the men who were about to approach his wife with malicious intent.

His icy death glare made the men flinched and hide their tails between their legslike dogs cowering in fear at the presence of an alpha male.

Elliot stood farther behind the two, unsurprised to see Ethan.

Facing his wife, Ethan's face softened. "Let's go." He softly said.

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