Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 170 1

Volume 2 Chapter 170 170: We Finally Meet Again Thea Part 1

Lillie was puzzled. She didn't knew Ethan would also come here.

"What are you doing here?"

Ethan smiled coyly at her and replied, "Coincidentally, I also have a dinner meeting at Netherworld Hotel."

She stared at him in incredulity.


Lillie shook her head at Ethan's pretentiousness. Does coincidence really happen when it comes to him?

Hopefully, he wasn't shameless enough to have their table beside theirs.

"Well then, proceed to your 'dinner meeting'." She quoted, "While Elliot and I would go to mine." Letting go of his arm, Lillie asked the host to show them their table.

"Right this way, miss Bai." The host was very well informed by the manager on who'll be their distinguished guest for tonight. He made sure to be extremely careful and polite to not offend this big boss.

Then another host came to Ethan's side. "Mr. Li, please follow me." Aiya, two big shots in one night?

To top it off, it's the Elite Society's Devils who recently announced to the world that they are engaged!

Hmm...I wonder what their children would be like once they grow up? Would they become the ultimate demon lord?

The host shivered and shook away his thoughts.

As Lillie and Elliot arrived at their designated table, the first thing that caught her eyes was not the person she's expecting.

Lillie saw Tang He Jiu and Song Mo Kun beside the table where Wei Fang is seated.

Ah...a dinner meeting with Hong Long's shareholders, huh.

And it seems Lillie underestimated Ethan's shamelessness. Look, he even managed to pull her people along with his act.

"I see we have our tables near each other. What a coincidence." Ethan's voice spoke from behind her.

Lillie seriously wanted to smack someone upside down.

"Ah, Thea." The man whom Lillie had not regarded had made his presence known.

Wei Fang stood from his seat, a gently smile gracing his lips. "We finally meet again, Thea."

"Mr. Wei." Lillie said in acknowledgement.

So this is the other Wei Fang. His personality indeed differs, as well as his aura.

Disregarding her cold tone, Wei Fang boldly grab her slender hand and kissed it.

"Oh, and it appears that Mr. Li is here too." Wei Fang faced Ethan and offered a polite smile.

Ethan had an air of indifference. But when Wei Fang's filthy lips defiled his wife's hand, his eyes darkened evidently. The temperature dropped along with him.

"I have a dinner meeting with these gentlemen here...'coincidentally'."

"Is that so? I see it's also a 'coincidence' for your table to be...so close to ours." He said, eyeing the empty tables farther from them.

Ethan smirked. "A coincidence indeed."

Because of how intense their glares are, an invisible line of electricity shot through their eyes and clashed with one another.

"If you would excuse us then, Mr. Li. I believe your companions would like to start your..." Wei Fang paused for a moment. "...meeting."

He turned his attention back to Lillie and smiled. "Isn't that right, Thea?"

Lillie silently nodded. She then gave Ethan pointed look that said "don't do anything stupid".

Ethan's anger deflated and turned into sorrow.

Wife, why are you looking at me like I'm some criminal? Is it wrong for me to want this guy to be pummeled on the ground by my hands?

Just look how he shamelessly held and kiss your hand in front of me! He's clearly asking for a beating, ah!

If Lillie heard his thoughts she would say, "don't worry. I'll be sure to wash my hands thoroughly".

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