Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 171

Volume 2 Chapter 171 171: We Finally Meet Again Thea

No one spoke for at least five minutes. Lillie sipped on her champagne while Wei Fang continued to stare at her.

As for Ethan, he was glaring at the back of Wei Fang's skull. Their tables are a few meters away but close enough for him to see and hear their conversation.

Getting tired of the quiet and awkward atmosphere, Wei Fang initiated, "How are you, Thea"

"Do not forget your formality, Mr. Wei." Lillie placed her glass down. "Also, don't stray away from the purpose of this meeting."

Wei Fang chuckled half-heartedly. "Is that so? I apologize, Miss Bai." He said. "I assumed that I can use this opportunity to have a proper conversation with again...like old times."

"Matters of the past no longer concern us." Indifference laced her voice. "Proceed."

"I see..." Sadness dripped from his voice, but the smile on his face did not falter.

To save his boss from another awkward situation, Wei Fang's secretary placed a briefcase on the table and opened it. His hand withdrawing an inch thick of papers.

"Miss Bai, here are the appointed papers for the temporary partnership. I hope the conditions appease you." The assistant said, giving the papers to her.

To normal people's eyes, it's as if Lillie was merely scanning the papers with how fast her eyes moved and how she would go to the next page after a few minutes.

Wei Fang's secretary was not aware of Lillie's capabilities. He was about to politely point out that she should read carefully when his boss raised his hand to stop him.

He looked at him curiously.

"Be assured that Miss Bai read every word." The secretary closed his mouth. If his boss said so, who was he to question?

Besides, it will not be their fault if Miss Bai saw something wrong with the contract after she signed itnot that there is something wrong with it.

Lillie placed the papers on the table. A fountain pen was then set on her palm by Elliot.

"White Phoenix Empire and Weishi Corporation will temporarily establish a partnership from this day onwards." After a final wave from her hand, a beautiful signature was written at last page of the papers.

"For future transactions, I expect nothing but perfection, Mr. Wei."

"It will be to your standards, Miss Bai." Wei Fang replied with another smile.

Lillie was vexed by his forced smile but she did not show it on her face. She remained calm and composed throughout their meeting.

True to his words, Wei Fang abide to Lillie's wish on not to talk about anything out of their purpose for tonight.

For hours they talked nothing but business related.

Hours of complete torture on Ethan's part.

Tang He Jiu also had the urge to beat Wei Fang into a bloody pulp.

Fortunately, Song Mo Kun was there to pacify him. These two's purpose was not only to partake with Ethan's act but also to observe Wei Fang's movements.

One was an Underworld Leader while the other an Elder of White Bird Organizationplus being longer members of the Underworld than EthanTang He Jiu and Song Mo Kun analyzed the 'other' Wei Fang.

So far, the suspicions of him being a Demon does not surface. But according to Lillie and Ethan, his split personality is enough proof.

Mo Kun tapped his finger on the table, only enough for Ethan and He Jiu to hear it.

It's a code that only the Elders and the closest ally of White Bird knew.

And when they deciphered it, a frown donned their faces.

[His hand]

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