Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 172

Volume 2 Chapter 172 172: Dangerous

What did Mo Kun meant by this?

He Jiu looked at him, his face asking "what about his hand?".

[Just observe them carefully] He tapped.

Ethan and He Jiu did what they were told.

It's really Ethan's fortune to have Song Mo Kun with him. Besides Lillie, he's the one who has the keenest eyeshe's the commander of White Bird's elite assassins after all.

"Hm?" Wei Fang suddenly turned his head sideways to catch the personor personsthat's been staring at him for so long.

His eyes landed at the trinity who appeared to be so engrossed with what they were discussing.

Their facial expressions and the movement of their lips made them look as if they were really talking some serious business matters.

Wei Fang narrowed his eyes to take a closer look.

"Is there something that caught your attention, Mr. Wei."

Lillie's cold voice made him snap his attention back to her.

"It's rude for you to suddenly avert your attention somewhere else while I am talking."

Seeing that his boss was unfairly berated, Wei Fang's secretary wanted to retaliate, but the dark look his boss send him made him stop abruptly.

"Forgive me. I thought someone called me just now." He chuckled. "Must be my imagination."

"I hate being interrupted, Mr. Wei, and I will not repeat what I said. If you missed out something for not paying attention, then you can ask you secretary." Lillie eyed the man beside Wei Fang.

The secretary swallowed the lump on his throat.

Miss Bai is really terrifying. But not as terrifying as Mr. Wei.

The kind looking people are sometimes the ones who are the most frightening once they shed their masks.

Wei Fang's secretary secretly glanced at his smiling boss.

People who hides behind a mask are not simple.

Sensing that he's no longer looking at them, the trinity once again looked at Wei Fang's hands.

Big, rough, and calloused; is what normal people would describe his hands.

Though it's usual for men to have big and calloused hands, but with three pairs of keen eyes, they classified Wei Fang's to be dangerous.

To normal people, his hands doesn't seem out of the ordinary.

As a former military man and a boss to one of the formidable criminal organization in the Underworld, Tang He Jiu undergo gruesome training and fought a lot of strong people with his bare hands.

And guns were his closest ally.

Similarly, Song Mo Kun's hands are the hands of a skilled and frightening assassin. Weapons almost never leaves his grasp, since his job does not allow him to leave them unattended for too long.

Although it's a shame that Ethan had left the Underworld, his capabilities in handling weapons and fighting someone bare handed did not dulled.

Ever since Lillie revealed that she was White Bird, he has been honing his skills nonstop.

Bottomline, Wei Fang's hands are similar to theirs.

They had witnessed and handled brutality.

Just by looking at his hands, they could tell that he's a skilled, ambidextrous sharp shooter. Both of his index fingers have callousessince this finger is usually used to pull the trigger.

For his index fingers to have such roughness indicates that he has been shooting guns for a long time, and quite frequently too.

His knuckles also tells a story. The skin around his knuckles were like patches, a bit darker than the majority of his skin color.

This indicated that the skin had experienced an injury like being scratched or peeled.

It's not noticeable, but doesn't mean it's invisible.

Those hands seemed to enjoy punching somethingor someone.

The protruding veins on his hands cannot be taken lightly, too.

Song Mo Kun then stared at Wei Fang's pinky finger.

There's been a fracture on that one, and it looked like it healed just recently.

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