Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 173

Volume 2 Chapter 173 173: Friend Zoned

"I had a great time with you, Miss Bai." Wei Fang pushed his chair back to stand up. He raised his hand for a handshake. "I hope to see you soon."

Lillie hummed, not clear if she was agreeing to his statement or not. With a single shake with his hand, she immediately let go.

Lillie turned around to leave. She didn't want to linger any longer with him.

Wei Fang stared at her retreating figure with sad, longing eyes. Suddenly, he saw her pause and glanced to his way.

Hope rose from his heart.

"Aren't you coming back with me?" She asked. Wei Fang's eyes widen.

Go back...with her?

Hearing a movement from behind, his hope was crushed into oblivion when Ethan walked pass him.

He saw him walk towards her side, then enveloped her tiny waist with his arm.

"Is there a need to ask?" Ethan replied with a smile. The two continued to walk away.

But before their figures completely disappeared from the restaurant's exit, Ethan gave Wei Fang a final side glance.

"She's mine" was Ethan's quiet message to him.

Wei Fang's face darkened, his anger unconcealed as veins protruded from his forehead.

"M-Mr. Wei?" His secretary timidly called. "P-please calm down, there are still people inside." He quietly reminded.

The two people Ethan Li's with were still there.

And they did not missed the ugly expression Wei Fang made.

Wei Fang was no longer concerned on who might see his ugly side. Irritation and anger had clouded his judgement.

He pulled his suit down to phase down his frustration before striding out of the restaurant, his secretary frantically followed.

"Hoh? So that's his real self." Tang He Jiu mused.

"This day is certainly interesting." Song Mo Kun nodded.

"But man...I kinda understand that Wei Fang's feelings."

"What feelings?"

Tang He Jiu patted his comrade's back as if in pity. "I feel bad for you, man. You're so serious with life that you have no delicacy."

Song Mo Kun only looked at him stoically.

Tang He Jiu began to explain the meaning of having these "feelings" to his oblivious friend.

"When the woman you fancy is together with another man, I'm sure you feel angry, heartbroken, and incredibly jealous!" Tang He Jiu passionately said.

Song Mo Kun glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "Then how come you looked as if you were in good terms with Mr. Li?"

Tang He Jiu, once again, explained as if he was a scholar.

"If a person have a lot of love rivals, that person would come into a temporary agreement with another rival to take down the others until the two of you were the only ones left."

Song Mo Kun deadpanned. "What are you talking about? In the first place, you don't stand a chance against Mr. Li." He was being completely unbiased, if you were wondering.

"What did you say?!"

Song Mo Kun remained impassive. "Miss Bai would not even give you a second glance nor would she see you as a possible lover. You should know that by now." He patted the shoulders of his oblivious comrade.

Then he continued.

"You're just a friend."


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