Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 174

Volume 2 Chapter 174 174: The Black Market

The auction was not over.

The star of the Black Market auction, the Black Egg, has yet to make its appearance.

The auction made sure to save the best for last.

And Lillie had enough time to go there and watch everything unfold.

White Crow, Red Raven and Death worked behind the scene to hide the two's presence. Before the meeting, Elliot booked a room in the guise of an elderly man.

No one would expect that this old man was actually a handsome British youth.

Before the day of the meeting, Elliot brought clothes and masks for Lillie and Ethan.

Red Raven's job was to tamper with the whole hotel's system. Every camera that had caught Lillie and Ethan had been edited that it cannot be undone by no greater hacker.

As for the securities who were in charge of watching the surveillance cameras, they had been taken care of by Death.

After all, the hotel's securities were lower ranked Reapers. As soon as they saw the frightening skull mask, they immediately stiffened their postures and bowed.

It was the God of Death, commander of the Reapers.

Death ordered everyone to leave the surveillance room. Without questions asked, the securities obediently scurried out.

"Everything is cleared here. Just follow this route and go straight towards the last elevator at the end of the hallway." Death instructed under his skull mask.

Hearing the cue through their earpiece, Lillie and Ethan left the room with their disguises.

Entering the elevator, Lillie pressed a code on the buttons. A secret compartment then opened with a card reader.

[Going down to the Black Market] A female robotic voice announced after Lillie's card was accessed.

Lillie and Ethan entered the Black Market.


The fake Vermillion Dragon, She Gu, sat on his throne-like chair at the VIP loge where he can see everything from a top view. His favorite son, She Lei, sat beside him while his eldest son, She Jing, stood with the bodyguards.

There are only a total of six VIP loge, three on each side of the stage.

The auction has a similar setting to a theatre. Below the loge is where the normal, or lesser Demonswhat She Gu likes to call themare seated.

Despite not being VIPs, every guests were still treated rather nicely. Their tables were illuminated by exquisite and extravagant ornaments and their glasses were filled with luscious red wine.

The room was packed with highly dangerous criminals, but the vide was much like a normal, rich people's party. Everyone enjoyed talking with one another, taking notes of what the other has to offer.

And of course, listening to their achievements.

"I robbed twenty four banks in hopes it'll be enough for me to buy the Black Egg."

"Only twenty four? I'm afraid that wouldn't be enough, my friend."

"Huh? Why is that? Is the Black Egg really that expensive?"

"Not only that but I heard Vermillion Dragon has his eyes set on it."

"Shit! Then I should've robbed two hundred banks then!"

Regardless of your position in the Underworld, there was still a rule when it comes to bidding. The highest bidder will be the winner. No matter what your position is, there will be no special treatment.

So the other Demons will have no fear when it comes to bidding. Even if it's an Underworld Leader you're against, as long as you bid the highest, the item is yours.

Nonetheless, they predicted that no one among them could outbid She Guunless he's fighting against another Underworld Leader.

Fortunately for She Gu, non of them will be attending.

But who said Lillie Bai would attend as White Bird?

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