Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 175

Volume 2 Chapter 175 175: Ill Let You See More Later

Warning: Not suitable for children. This chapter might trigger someone. So hopefully, let us all be open-minded individuals.

You had been warned.


Two eye-catchy men entered the auction. They stood there with formidable and aloof auras.

The ladies ogled and fawned over their delightful figures. Both wore black suits that fitted their lean and tall body perfectly.

If they remove their suits, the ladies were positive to see something drool-worthy.

Also, they wore a white mask that only covered the upper part of their faces, showing their pointy nose, s.e.xy lips and their sharp jawlines.

This adds up to their 'mysterious men in black' vibe.

"I wanna take both of them home."

"Ah, how could someone look so hot even when wearing a mask?!"

"I just wanna rip their clothes to shreds and ride them all night!"

"This time, I want them to tie me on the bed."

Now, now, remember who these people were. These ladies were not shy to hide their bed activities from anyone.

Besides, who would dare scold these criminals?

No one could blame them. From all the men they had shared their beds with, they weren't even a pinch when it comes to these two ravishing devils.

"Should we approach them?"

"I don't know. I feel like I would melt as soon as I come near."

"I agree. Their auras are just too intimidating. Like there's an invisible force that makes us want to stay away."

"They look quite close aren't they?"

"Are those two possibly...gay?"

"What are you saying, ah! Two guys together doesn't make them gay.

"But look careful, isn't the taller guy being too close?"

"Maybe he's a bodyguard?"

"A bodyguard wearing Armani like his employer?"

"Maybe they're just really good friends?"

"Hmm...I still think they're gay for each other."

"If they are gay, then I would turn myself into a man and marry one of them!"

Ethan didn't know that a simple act of protecting his wife from the l.u.s.tful eyes of

now both men and women made the ladies question his preference.

If he heard them, he wouldn't even deny it. As long as they stay away from his wife.

Eyeing his wife, he can't deny that she's really handsomemaybe even more good looking than him.

Her charm as a woman did not faltered even when she changed the structure of her face to look more manly.

Her make-up skills truly astonish him. She turned herself from a peerlessly gorgeous woman into a tall, dark, and handsome bachelor.

When they changed into their disguises in that.single.room, Ethan almost forgot to breathe when Lillie asked to help her bind her chest.

The whole process was agonizing.

His arms would tremble slightly every time he would wrap for another layer.

Man, how many layer was that? Ethan lost count because his mind was clouded by unholy thoughts.

And when he 'accidentally' touch her soft rounds, it's as if he was burned.

Just remembering her voluptuous body and her *cough* impeccably plump melons, Ethan's body went hot.

He forced himself to stop the urge to just throw her onto the bed.

"What are you thinking?" A soft, male voice snapped him back to reality. One of Lillie's many abilities was to be able to change the sound of her voice, and can also copy the voice of other people.

She doesn't do it frequently because it causes her throat to strain. And that isn't good for a businesswoman like her.

Ethan coughed and said "nothing".

Raising her eyebrow, she leaned her mouth closer to his ears and whispered with her real voice, "I'll let you see more later."

Ethan's body went rigid. His temperature went up and the tip of his ears went red.

The ladies who saw their interaction went wild.

"Oh, oh! Did you see that?!"

"I did, I did!"

"I told you! Ah!"

"I'll call my doctor for a s.e.x change right away!"

"Wuwuwu...it's so unfair! Why do hot men like hot men too?!"

"Ahh! This has set my fujoshi [1] heart aflame!"

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