Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 176

Volume 2 Chapter 176 176: The Crownless Demon Kingproud Wolf

A Reaper walked towards them. He wore a mask that covered only the lower half of his face, showing his eyes and thick eyebrows.

On the upper right corner of his chest was a badge of a skull with two scythes crossed behind itsimilar to a pirate's insignia.

The Reapers' uniforms portrayed their ranks. For Rank D, their uniform is white, Rank C is blue, Rank B is gold, Rank A is black, and Rank S is maroon.

And this Reaper wore white.

But do not be fooled. No matter what a Reaper's rank was, you cannot underestimate them.

They are highly trained assassins. The blood of many people had already stained their hands at a tender age.

The Reapers' Association usually recruit their reapers when they reached the age of 13. Their ranks would then be determined by their skills and on how many missions they took.

Another interesting fact about being a Reaper is that their emotions are completely wiped off.

Especially love and fear.

Their sole purpose is to serve the Association and maintain balance within the Underworld.

"Good evening. Do these gentlemen have a table already?" He politely asked.

Lillie pulled out something from her b.r.e.a.s.t pocket and gave it to the man. "We have a loge reserved."

When the Reaper read the name on the card, he was perplexed and his hands trembled slightly. Though it's true that Reapers' were emotionless, but if faced with someone like this man, your composure cannot help but waver.

Lang Ao Xian, it said in a bold font. The Reaper knew it was legitimate because who would be so stupid as to imitate Proud Wolf in front of a Reaper?

A Reaper, no matter the rank, should familiarize themselves with the Underworld's greatest Demons and how to identify the real from fakes.

His survival instinct had gone haywire now knowing who was this distinguished guest before him.

Besides, he's just a Rank D. He wasn't skilled compared to those of higher ranks, and some of his emotions were still intact. Rank A and S were the ones who no longer feel any ounce of emotions.

When he received Vermillion Dragon, he was polite yet indifferent. He didn't feel intimidated by him even when he's surrounded by his subordinates.

However, Proud Wolf was a different story.

The saying "people fear the unknown" suited his situation.

"Right this way, Boss Wolf [1]." He bowed, gesturing his hand at the way towards their loge. He let them pass him before following their trail.

Lang Ao Xian, or simply know as Proud Wolf, is a formidable entity in the Underworld that was like the greatest unsolved mystery.

He was said to be mysterious as the Bermuda triangle.

But one thing is for sure, he's powerful as an Underworld Leaderor maybe even more.

No one knew which faction he belongs to, or if he belongs to one in the first place.

Rumors said that there was big faction backing him up, more powerful than the Leaders and Reapers. Many said that he was a lone wolf and a man with the power and strength of gods.

The head Reapers wanted to reach out to him but to no avail. Since they don't know him, they don't know where to find him.

Because of that, he wasn't officially recognized as the sixth Underworld Leader. Nonetheless, they entitled him as the Crownless Demon King.

He would just appear out of nowhere when there was a big event. The last time he was seen is when a war broke out between the Five Leaders.

He did not participated with the war, he merely stood at one place and watched everything as if for entertainment.

No one dared to attack him, not even the Leaders.

Because he already taught one of them a lesson on what would happen if someone provoke him.

The rumors said that Black Tiger was feeling gutsy and ordered his men to force Proud Wolf to submit to their faction.

Proud Wolf retaliated by annihilating his whole unit of assassins. As an Underworld Leader, this was an embarrassment, a huge blow to his ego.

Out of anger, Black Tiger ordered more of his men to beat him up.

No one came back.

This shocking event reached everyone's ears and no one dared to seek trouble to him ever since.

However, no one knew that this rumor was actually fabricated by Black Tiger himself.

He was aware of Proud Wolf real identity after all.

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