Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 178

Volume 2 Chapter 178 178: Qilin

Lillie and Ethan watched the uproar below them with mild interested. Because their figures were hidden, Lillie was not afraid of being too close to Ethan.

She intimately leaned her head on his shoulder, her eyelids half opened . Ethan returned her affection by holding her hands and caressing them.

On their earpiece, Lillie and Ethan could hear She Gu talking from the other room.

He was talking to She Lei, his tone was of a doting father. But when he spoke to his other son, She Jing, it's as if he was talking to a subordinatelacking the gentleness.

"Dad, someone is occupying the box beside us." They heard She Jing speaking.

"Who is it?"

"I don't know. They got inside before I could see them."

"Then what was the importance of you telling me this if you don't know?"

"I just wanted to let you know. They might pose a threat to us in obtaining the black egg."

"A threat? Hahaha! Don't make me laugh! I, Vermillion Dragon, am not worried of an ant hindering me of my goal."

"But whoever it was should not be simple. Since they managed to have access to a VIP loge."

"Speak no more! Your anxiousness annoys me! If you're concern, then go out and observe them!"

"But I"

"Do not make me repeat myself!" They heard a glass shatter.

"Yes, sir." Was the last thing they heard from She Jing before hearing a door opening then closing.

"Dad, elder brother was just worried. You shouldn't have been harsh to him." She Lei softly scolded his father, feigning to be worried about his elder brother.

How ironic.

She Gu would never imagine that the son whom he doted was the one going behind his back while he treated the one who was really loyal badly.

She Jing is truly unfortunate to have a father who has eyes but can't see who's truly filial.

She Gu harrumphed. "Don't protect that useless brother of yours, Lei-er. He was speaking nonsense. How could there be someone who's more capable than I?"

He paused momentarily before adding, "Unless that person was one of those three, then that is something we should be concered about. Not a nobody who just had more money than those people below."

"Those three?" She Lei repeated. He had an inkling on who the two were, but the last one was a mystery to him.

"Oh? I haven't told you this before?"

"I don't think you did. Though, I may have an idea on who the two were." He admitted.

"If that's the case, I'll tell you. One is our mortal enemy, White Bird. The second is the Proud Wolf. And the third is Qilin."

Lillie and Ethan's interest perked upon hearing the fifth Underworld Leader, Qilin, being mentioned.

"You met Qilin before?" Even She Lei was interested.

"One time...and it almost cost me my life."

Interesting, Lillie thought.

As the oldest Underworld Leader, Qilin is definitely not simple. For all the years Lillie had been a Demon, and even before she became a Leader, she could count her interactions with Qilin with just a hand.

The first one was the war between the former Underworld Leaders. Second when she was entitled as one of the Leaders, and third was when she was visiting the Reapers' headquarters as Proud Wolf.

That was a long time ago. She hadn't seen him for five years.

So when Lillie heard that She Gu was almost killed by him, she was surprised. Qilin remained low profiled and a mysterious figure to everyone in the Underworld.

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