Lady Boss Please Spoil Your Husband Book 2 Chapter 179

Volume 2 Chapter 179 179: Forced To Find Someone

"Are you sleepy?" Ethan asked her when noticing her eyes getting droopy.

"Not really. Just bored." She mumbled. The meeting ended early so the auction was still showcasing other valuable things.

It would take a while before the final item, Black Egg, will make its appearance.

"Nothing has caught your interest with the items?"

"Hmm...I find that raw imperial jade quite nice."

"You want it?"

"No...I have lots already." She nonchalantly said. Her father, Alexander Bai, would bring all kinds of rare stones for them as souvenirs when traveling to different countries. He would hand them raw to his wife for her to decide on the designs.

Mother Bai doesn't mind a few sets of jewelries with extremely pricy rare stones onto them. And as her only daughter, Lillie was indulged with different sets of jewelries handcrafted by the Queen of Fashion, Agathe Crevier.

Her son, Gabriel, couldn't care less. What would he do with a pricy rare stone but sell it? With that, he could buy himself a game console, new headphones, some sneakers and some games from Escaping Reality.

Of course, Ethan didn't know that most of her jewelries came from her parents.

But Ethan knew that Lillie wasn't the kind of woman who would indulge herself with expensive jewelries.

So, where did these "I have lots" came from?

'Did other men try to give her jewelries too? My wife is too beautiful that I'm sure she had countless suitors.' He bitterly thought.

To have the guts to court the She-Devil, they must've come from a prominent background.

With that, Ethan was already swimming in vinegar.

I need to ask her later then. For now, I must focus with this mission.

Ethan shook his head to remove those blood-boiling thoughts.

He was about to immerse his attention back to the auction when Lillie's voice rang through his ears.



"What did the three of you discussed at the restaurant?" She asked, staring directly into his eyes.

"What do you mean?" Ethan feigned innocence.

"My eyes may seem to be on his, but my attention was on you." Was her blunt and honest response.

Ethan did not know why but this statement caused his ears to redden. "Is that so..."

"I saw Mo Kun's code. Did the three of you realized something about his hands?"

Ethan chuckled, "As expected, you knew everything before anyone else does."

"Well I had the advantage since I sat across him."

"For you that is. You have a pair of lovely, sharp eyes." He huskily whispered to her ear.

Lillie raised her head to meet his eyes. "Are you trying to seduce me again?"


"Why? Is it working?" He grinned.

A small smile curled on her lips. "Hm...I'll let you know later."

Again with the suspense! Wife, why can't you just directly tell me that you also feel what I feel right now!


"Hm? Something on your throat, Lei-er?"

"En. I think I just swallowed something nasty."

"Nasty you say? Was it the food?" She Gu then called for someone and pointed at the scrumptious meal on their table. "Ask someone to change this."

"Ah, father, it's not the food..." She Lei sheepishly said, rubbing the back of his head.

White Bird, ah! Why are you suddenly sending me dog food! And why the heck are you flirting with Silver Dragon! Don't you already have a fiance?!

Some of the Elders were still unaware of Ethan's identify as Silver Dragon. The only ones who knew were Death and Elliot.

Elliot find out himself. He was already suspicious since Silver Dragon's appearance. Also, Lillie wasn't really hiding his identity.

If she were, no one can ever find out.

Whilst Death find out by connecting some dots. Besides, he knew that Ethan was the real Vermillion Dragon.

How could he forget a b*astard who would attack someone's behind so suddenly?

As for Tang He Jiu and Song Mo Kun, they do not know Ethan's other identity. They thought that Lillie was just showing her affection when she placed her most trusted ally to be her fiance's weapons.

"If you don't want to listen, then turn off your earpiece." Lillie deadpanned, not even a bit fl.u.s.tered that they were caught being mushy.

*cough cough cough?!*

"Ah, Lei-er! What are you two standing there! Get your young master a glass of water!" They could hear She Gu's roar.

She Lei: Boss, ah. If you don't stop, a single dog like me would be forced to find someone! Please stop torturing me!

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